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Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to Computer Easily

Athryn Mitchell

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Messages is what we use frequently in daily life. However, what is difference between messages and iMessages? Messages do not need Wi-Fi or cellar data but you should pay for it, while iMessages is designed for instant messaging with network. They both include texts, photos and icons sent between the sender and receiver. No matter only the text messages or all information of messages, you can save them together if necessary. Moreover, exporting text messages and transferring photos from messages can be handled respectively, also.

iOS Transfer works for exporting iPhone text messages to PC well, because it offers usually-used formats for iOS users,e.g.: CSV, HTML and TXT. They own different features when outputed with iOS Transfer which does not only let you switch them but also check or preview them on PC clearly.

CSV is presented as an excel and displays details of messages but texts and images would be separated. Image information will be noted in excel but saved as attachment.

HTML is an easy-read file since it shows all data including texts and images together and the messages from sender and receiver are divided distinctly.

TXT can display text messages clearly but it won't give you tips for images but it could save image in attachment.
iOS Transfer - a backup for your iPhone SMS

It paves a professional way for iPhone-PC transferring, which supports text messages, photos, videos, contacts, music and so on to shuffle back and forth between iPhone/iPad/iPod and computer.

Step 1 Plug iDevice to PC
It is foremost that to connect iPhone to computer using USB cable after launching iOS Transfer.
iOS Transfer
Note: This program needs to be applied with iTunes, so downloading iTunes on PC is a must.

Step 2 Export SMS from iOS
Move to "SMS" and select messages from iPhone. Tick the square in front of certain message and click "Export to" > "Export Selected Messages" to choose a format to save, like "HTML File".
Export SMS from iOS
Notes: All messages can be exported at a time if choosing "Export All Messages". In addition, you can right-click the selected messages for "Export to" option.

Step 3 Choose a Fold as Saver
A path should be chosen from PC in the small window to save your SMS.
Choose Fold to Save SMS
Step 4 Check Text Messages on Computer
Open the HTML file to view the exported messages on PC. Here to export as different formats is suggested so that you can compare those files to select the suitable one.
Check Text Messages on Computer
Only four steps can fix this issue successfully with iOS Transfer. Indeed, the role of iOS Transfer is mighty in other aspects. It is safe to print SMS from iPhone and save your iPhone contacts as well. If you meet with such problems, try iOS Transfer and leave your comments when you have some ideas.

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