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How to Transfer Apps Between iPhone and iTunes

Athryn Mitchell

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"I purchased a new iPhone 6 Plus and now want to ditch my old iPhone 5c. Is there anything I can get before I dump my old phone?" Good question. You must have accumulated many important and private data on your old iOS. It will be better to keep your old data with you. There is good way for you to do this, using iTunes. And today I will show you how to easily sync apps between iPhone and iTunes.
Here comes the tutorial to copy apps between iPhone and iTunes. The passage below will be divided into two parts as below:

Tutorial 1: Transfer Apps from iPhone to iTunes
Tutorial 2: Copy Apps from iTunes to iPhone

Tutorial 1: Transfer Apps from iPhone to iTunes

Step 1 Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone
Launch your iTunes 12 first. Then connect the iPhone 5c to your computer via USB cable. After that, the information of the device will appear on the right side.
Launch iTunes
Step 2 Transfer Apps on iPhone to iTunes
Go to"Files">"Devices">"Transfer Purchase from xxx" to copy data to iTunes.
Transfer Purchase to iPhone
In this stage, you are asked to authorize the transfer by a pop-up window. Click the "Authorize" button to go on.
Authorize the Transfer
After authorizing, the apps transmission from iPhone to iTunes begins. The syncing progress can be seen in the upper corner.
Copying Purchased Apps
When the transfer is completed, you can check the transferred apps by clicking the "Apps" icon under "Settings" in the left column.
Check Transferred Apps

Tutorial 2: Copy Apps from iTunes to iPhone

Step 1 Open iTunes and plug iPhone into PC
Also, you should run iTunes first and then plug your iDevice to the computer.
Launch iTunes
Step 2 Copy Apps on iTunes to iPhone
Click the "App" icon on the left side to view the purchased Apps on your iTunes library. Tap the "Sync" key to remove apps to your mobile device. With the notification sound, the transfer is completed. And you can see the app icons appearing on the home screen of your phone.
View Synced Apps
That's it. The ways to transfer purchases from iTunes to iPhone and to transfer apps from iPhone to iTunes are listed as above. Actually, with iTunes, not only purchased apps can be removed between iTunes library and iOS device, but also music and video buying history.

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