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How to Transfer Data from iPad to iPod

Athryn Mitchell

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After having my iPod Touch 5 fixed up, I found all the music in it were gone, which made me upset a lot. Fortunately, I also have an iPad Air which is filled with all of my favorite songs. However, the problem is: how can I transfer files from my iPad Air to iPod? Can anyone tell me the easiest method?

Many iOS users may feel confused when facing such a situation and they don't know how to transfer data between iPad, iPod and iPhone. Of course they know iTunes is born to manage iOS devices. But meanwhile they also know that iTunes is not humanized enough, so they are looking forward to a third party manager which is more user-friendly. In my view, iOS Transfer is the best choice for iOS users.

iOS Transfer is a marvelous tool which helps users to transfer data including photos, music, videos, contacts, etc between iPad, iPod and iPhone. The whole transferring process can be completed in dozens of seconds by clicking one button.
iOS Transfer – realize data transfer between iOS devices

This user-friendly iOS Transfer can save you energy and time a lot. Just download it and follow the instruction below to move files between iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Step 1 Launch the program and connect two devices
After installing and running the software, connect both your iPad Air and iPod Touch 5 to PC. After your devices are detected, you will see the interface below.
primary window
Step 2 Move files from iPad to iPod
Now, you can see all the categorized files in the left column. Choose "Media" and check all the songs you want to transfer, and then click "Export to" and choose to export to your iPod so that the transfer between two devices can begin. For other data in the following options you want to copy between your devices, please repeat the same step.
music from ipad to ipod
I didn't tell a lie, did I? Just in such a short time, you can transfer all the content you desire between iPhone, iPad and iPod with ease thanks to this powerful iOS Transfer. Actually our product is getting increasingly popularity and we wish you would be satisfied with it. Last but not least, iOS Transfer is now compatible with multiple file types like music. That means, you can easily transfer music from iPad to iPod with ease.

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