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How to Transfer Files from iPhone to iPad

Athryn Mitchell

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Last night my friend called me and asked me if there is an easy way to help him transfer his favorite songs and some videos from his iPhone 6 to iPad Air, because each time when he’s out, he would like to listen to music or watch movies until his cellphone is power off, which means that his friends and family could hardly find him no matter what happens. And that’s why he wants to copy and watch movies on iPad - to prevent his smartphone from easily running out of battery. Therefore, I recommended iOS Transfer and Phone Transfer to him, and he turned out to like them!

Tutorial 1: Send iPhone Files to iPad with iOS Transfer
Tutorial 2: Sync data from iPhone to iPad with Phone Transfer

Tutorial 1: Send iPhone Files to iPad with iOS Transfer

With the help of iOS Transfer, not only can you share music between iOS devices freely without iTunes restrictions, you can also manage and transfer photos, videos, messages, contacts and other documents between iPhone, iPad and iPod just in one click, which saves you a lot of time and energy. Couldn’t wait to try it? Just download this terrific software and follow the steps below.
iOS Transfer – directly transfer files among iOS devices

Actually you can copy files among iPhone, iPad and iPod. The following tutorial will take iPhone and iPad as an example, but you can use any two of your iDevices.

Step 1 Install and connect your iDevices to PC
Make sure you have downloaded and installed iOS Transfer, and launch it. Then you need to connect iPhone and iPad to computer via USB cable. After both of your devices are detected, you will see the primary window below.
Primary Window
Step 2 Copy data from iPhone to iPad
Click the "To iDevice" button in the bottom of the primary windos. After scanning files on your iPhone, click the "Start" icon and the data will be copied to your iPad.
Files from iPhone to iPad
In a nutshell, by using iOS Transfer, you can manage and transfer all the data you desire among iPhone, iPad and iPod with the minimum effort. And it is worthwhile, I assure you, to download and use this excellent product.

Tutorial 2: Sync data from iPhone to iPad with Phone Transfer

Phone Transfer is also an excellent tool for files transfer between iPhone and iPad. Through the program, files like contacts, messages, music, videos etc. can be copied with few clicks. Now, let me show you how to sync data from iPhone to iPad with it.
Phone Transfer - an amazing software for iPhone transfer

Phone Transfer supports not only iPhone to iPad transfer, but also transmission including Phone to Android, iPhone to Nokia and so on.

Step 1 Launch Phone Transfer
Install the program to your computer. Run it to enter the primary window. Click the "Phone to phone transfer".
Phone Transfer 
Primary Window

Step 2 Transfer iPhone files to iPad
Connect the both iDevices to your computer. After being detected by the software automatically, they will be displayed in the "Source" and "Destination" respectively. If your devices cannot be detected, confirm the installation of iTunes please. Check items you want to copy in the middle column. Click the "Start Copy" icon and it is done! To avoid repetition, you may check the "Clear data before copy" in the bottom of the "Destination" box.
Transfer iPhone Files to iPad
Call logs and apps are not allowed to be transferred between the two devices.

Isn’t it convenient to have files transferred by using Phone Transfer? Not only phone to phone transfer, it can also backup phone data and restore from backups.

In fact, iOS Transfer and Phone Transfer are not only files transfer tools, but also great phone managers. Both of them are multifunctional, so why don’t you download and experience them?
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