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How to Transfer Pictures from iPhone to Computer

Athryn Mitchell

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As an old iPhone user, you must have stored oodles of pictures in your iDevice. And as the image quality improves and resolutions get higher, your iPhone may run out of space. And the note saying "Out of Memory" pops up again and again. Your iPhone is demanding to get relieved! In this passage, we will share a method to help with this problem without deleting your files. That is, to transfer pictures from iPhone to computer with iOS Transfer.

iOS Transer aims to manage all kinds of iOS data, including transferring photos. You can move Camera Roll, Photo Library, panoramas, albums, and more. Before starting, you can selectively preview pictures in your iPhone. Moreover, the program allows you to copy all or some of the pictures with one click.
iOS Transfer – A Professional iPhone to Computer Transfer

iOS Transfer offers a shortcut for iOS users to export their photos as well as other files to computer without any obstacles. Plus, it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to PC
Note: To transfer files, ensure iTunes is running on the PC.
Open iOS Transfer on your Windows/Mac computer. Go to the iPhone. Hit "Trust" in the pop-up note. Then go back to your PC. When the iPhone is successfully connected, the program will show the summary info of it.
Connect iPhone to PC
Step 2. Choose Files to Export
Click "Photos" at the left pane. This will expand the content of it. Click a specific category, Photo Library for example. You can preview the pictures of it. Then mark the ones you want to transfer at will.
Select iPhone Photos
Step 3. Export Pictures to PC
Click "Export to" > "Export to PC". iOS Transfer will copy and paste iPhone pictures to your computer. This can take a few minutes. When this step is done, click the "Open Folder" to check pictures in your PC or select "OK" to end the step.
Export iPhone Photos to PC
That's the process to transfer photos from iPhone to computer. Indeed, with this iOS Transfer, you can copy and paste images, folder, and iDevice in the Toolkit. After using iOS Transfer, you can leave your feedback by clicking the hangout icon at the upper right corner and submitting your comment.

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