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How to Transfer Music from iPod to Computer

Athryn Mitchell

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I have a iPod Nano 7th Generation with me and now I am just trying to transfer the audio music files from iPod Nano but I am not able to do that. What should I do to make it work? Is it not possible at all? Do I have to do the iOS update for making it work or so? Kindly provide me the information.
As a type of iPod, iPod Nano has the most versions, which is updated to 8th gen, compared with iPad Mini/Shuffle/Touch/Classic. Anyway, all iPods are mainly designed for users to enjoy music comfortably. Moreover, there is no doubt that most of iPods version cannot contain too much music files, especially for those keen on high-quality sounds, because those HQ music takes up large storage. Doing a backup for iPod music becomes a must for iPod users, like the questioner above.

To efficiently transfer iPod Nano music to PC with iOS Transfer can save your songs information involving title, artist, album and size, etc. from iPod to computer. Besides, iOS Transfer supports to switch songs to iTunes library completely, too. Of course, songs from other iDevices are sustained to import/export.
iOS Transfer - professional in backing up iPod music

iOS Transfer is compatible with different formats of songs, e.g.: MP3, MPEG, WMA, in organizing the music so that you're permitted to add, export, play, delete music with iOS Transfer.

Step 1 Launch iOS Transfer on PC
After installing iOS Transfer on your computer, it is time to connect your iPod Nano to computer with USB cable.
iOS Transfer for iPod
Note: Please install iTunes before this step to guarantee that the process runs successfully.

Step 2 Tick the Songs to Switch
In "Media" tab, you can find out "Music" option on the top sidebar. Then, tick the blank box in front of certain songs to click "Export to" > "Export to PC".
Select Songs to Transfer
Note: Do you notice that there is an icon next to "Rating" list? This icon in blue means that this song is in iTunes library. If it is gray, it will recommend to sync with iTunes library.

Playlist also has too many songs, so iOS Transfer is good at coping playlist to computer. Go to "Playlist" to click the name of a playlist on the right interface. Then, press "Export to" > "Export to PC" to choose a path to keep those files.
Select Playlist to Transfer
Step 3 Check Backup Files
Finally, get into the folder to listen to those songs that you have outputed.
Check Transferred Files
All music in iPod Nano/shuffle/Classic/Touch could be transported into computer swiftly. iOS Transfer works with iTunes, so to import some MP3 to iTunes library is allowed. What's more, syncing iPod songs with iPhone/iPad is pretty fast only if you connect iPod and iPad/iPhone to computer and launching iOS Transfer.

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