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How to Transfer Purchases from iPhone to Computer

Athryn Mitchell

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Because iOS is quite a closed operating system, it is difficult to sync purchases between two iDevices unless you use iTunes. But that’s not the only way. You can also use some third –party transfer software. Today, I will show you two different ways to transfer purchases from iPhone to computer. One by using iTunes and the other one is by using iOS Transfer.

iOS Transfer is designed to help iOS users export multiple data including the purchases between iPhone/iPad/iPod, iTunes and computer. iPhone to iPad, iPad to iTunes, iTunes to iPod, iPhone to iPod, iPod to computer, are all supported, you name it. No matter you want contacts, messages, videos, photos, music or something else, you can get them with the help of the excellent transfer tool.

Tutorial 1: Transfer purchases from iPhone to PC using iTunes

Step 1 Launch iTunes
Before everything, just launch iTunes and sign in with your Apple ID. Then, connect your iPhone to the computer using USB cable. Then, within few seconds, your iPhone will be detected by iTunes.

Step 2 Authorise your computer
Have your computer authorized by clicking the "Store" button to choose "Authorize This Computer".
authorize your computer
Step 3 Transfer purchases from your iPhone to computer
After that, follow these to start copying purchases: "Files"-"Devices"-"Transfer Purchases from one’s iPhone".
transfer iphone purchases to pc
You will see the below progress bar which means the purchases are now being transferred. The time of the transfer depends on how many purchases you’d like to sync.
progress of transferring purchases
After the steps above, you can transfer purchased apps from iPhone, purchased music as well. Now you don’t need to worry that you have to purchase the apps again when using a new iDevice.
view purchases
iOS Transfer – Copy purchases between iPhone and computer

With iOS Transfer, you can export purchases from iPhone to computer with just two or three simple steps. And your purchases will just be transferred to your PC.

Tutorial 2: Copy purchases from iPhone to computer using iOS Transfer

Here is another way to transfer files from iPhone to computer. I think it is an easier and comprehensive way because with simple clicks, you can transfer almost every data type, contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, etc. Follow the below steps to see how to use it.

Step 1 Download iOS Transfer and launch it
At the very beginning, download iOS Transfer on your PC. Then, install it and launch it. No matter you use Windows or Mac, you can download a suitable one for your computer.
Note: An iTunes will be required, but you don’t need to launch iTunes. If you don’t have an iTunes installed on your computer, just install one and move on to the next step.

Step 2 Connect your iPhone with PC
Use the USB cable for your iPhone and connect iPhone to your PC. The tool will automatically detect your iPhone in no time. And you will see all data listed according to data type like "Media" "Playlist" "Photos", and so on.
launch ios transfer
Step 3 Transfer iPhone Purchases to computer
Take purchased music for example, click "Media" on the interface, then "Music"- "Export to" – "Export to computer". Then the music will be transferred to the folder you chosed to export to on your computer.
export music from iphone to computer
Both ways can help you transfer purchases from iPhone to PC. And obviously, iOS Transfer is a better choice because you can preview and choose what you like to transfer clearer, and it also allows you to move other data like contacts, SMS, photos, videos, music, and so forth. Why not download the software and have it a try. No matter you use iPhone 6/6 Plus/5s/5c/5, iPad Air, iPod touch, etc..

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