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How to Transfer Videos from Computer to iPad

Athryn Mitchell

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"I am a crazy fan of American drama TV series, I am now watching Scandal and want to transfer the movies from computer to iPad after I downloaded it from Youtube in order to play it on my iOS. Could anyone provide help? Anyone has any useful and easy-to-use software to recommend? How to transfer videos from computer to iPad? If given any help, I will be very appreciated it."
I will recommend this users of us iOS Transfer, which is an excellent and helpful tool for iOS users who want to copy data, including videos between PC, Air and iTunes.

iOS Transfer, an mighty data transfer tool that allows you to copy files from PC to iPad. You can also sync data between PC, iTunes and iOS. Think that it is amazing? You can also move various types of data like videos, music, photos, contacts, etc. It supports operating systems from iOS 5 to iOS 8. Cool, isn't it? Here comes the tutorial on how to transfer movies from computer to iPad. Just download iOS Transfer below and move on.
iOS Transfer – copy movies from PC to iPad

You may have this kind of need to copy videos between computer and iPad for example. iOS Transfer will have you solve this kind of issue without any difficulty.

Step 1 Run iOS Transfer
Install iOS Transfer on your computer and launch it after the installation. After that, you will be asked to connect the iOS and PC. iOS Transfer will start detecting your iDevice automatically. As your iPad detected by the software, your iPad will be displayed on the main interface with the detail info of your iPad on it.
primary window of iPad transfer
Step 2 Transfer video to iPad
Then click "Media" on the interface and you will see "Movies" on the top of the interface and what you need is just to click that. Click "Add" and choose whatever videos you want to transfer and transfer them to iPad.
ipad transfer homepage
That's it, the process is simple, isn't it? What you need is "3C"s: Connect, choose and copy. This iOS Transfer also allows you to convert the format of your video clips if it is not supported on the destination device. You may also ask how do I transfer music from iPad to computer. Or you may see many topics on forums asking how do I transfer photos from computer to iPad. Just take it easy, you can solve these issues with the help of the excellent iOS Transfer. Just download and see how to copy movies from computer to iPad.

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