iPhone to PC Transfer

Here's a list of transferring tutorial of contacts,voice memos, messages, videos, photos, etc. from iPhone to PC. You can get it quickly.

How to Export Text Messages from iPhone

To export text messages from iPhone to computer, a data manage tool might be better which helps you transfer SMS with simple clicks. Why not try iOS Transfer?

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer

In order to capture more memorable pictures with your iPhone and save them permanently, transferring iPhone photos to computer is necessary for you.

Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to Computer Easily

The contents of iMessages/MMS/SMS can be transferred to computer with easy operation in this article, so you can get your iPhone text messages on PC clearly.

How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer

Apple Music provides you a good chance to enjoy numerous music. To keep those lovely music, we will present how to copy music to PC safely.

How to Transfer Voice Memos from iPhone to Computer

If you need to copy voice memos from iPhone to computer, try iOS Transfer. Only a few clicks, you can get them exported easily.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer

Transferring iPhone contacts to computer with safety, stability, integrity and simplicity will be presented in this tutorial, so move your steps to the following.

How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Computer

To transfer iPhone 6/6 Plus videos to computer with iTunes may be difficult, so follow us in simply steps to move your iPhone videos successfully.

How to Transfer Camera Roll from iPhone to Computer

To copy your cameral roll in your iPhone to computer, you can get iOS Transfer installed on your PC or Mac and then connect your iPhone to start the transfer.

How to Transfer Files from iPhone to PC

The way to transfer files from iPhone to PC is not that complex as you think it would be. As long as you download iOS Transfer and read the below article, you will find it helpful.

How to Transfer Purchases from iPhone to Computer

No need to purchase iPhone apps, music, or other data again when using new iDevice any more. Here are two ways for you to transfer purchases from iPhone to PC.

How to Transfer Podcasts from iPhone to Computer

To copy podcast from iPhone to computer, you need to have iPhone connected to PC and make sure you've installed iTunes, and you can start the transfer. Just read this guide.

How to Download Text Messages from iPhone

Downloading text messages from iPhone is not easy for many users. Instead of iTunes, people prefer third party software. Now, let me introduce you a wonderful one.

How to Save Contacts from iPhone to Computer

Is there a way to save contacts from iPhone to computer directly? Well, yes. This tutorial reveals the answer for you!

How to Copy Contacts from iPhone to PC

Copy your phone book from iPhone to PC under the instruction we post. You will unexpectedly find it extremely easy and fast to do this job.

How to Transfer Pictures from iPhone to Computer

Check this user guide and transfer pictures from iPhone to computer by following the steps. It is much more convenient than copying them manually.

How to Copy Songs from iPhone to Computer

Copying songs from iPhone to computer is the most reliable method preventing you from losing music purchased and costing too much to regain them.