Music Manager

Our knowledge base, Mobile Phone Music Manager, offers instruction on transferring music on iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android, deleting music on Apple watch, make ringtones of the songs, etc.

How to Delete Music on Apple Watch

This is a practical guide showing you how to delete music on Apple Watch with the help of your iPhone with only three simple steps.

How to Make Ringtone for iPhone 6

In this article, you will be shown a simple and practical solution on how to make iPhone 6 customized ringtone with your favorite songs using iTunes 12.

Top 5 Best Music Player Apps for Android

You Android users will learn from this article what the best music players in Google Play Store are and the advantages of them.

How to Rebuild iTunes Library Quickly

Buy a new computer recently and want to find simple guide to rebuild your iTunes library to new computer? Just follow this guide to make it by yourself.

How to Set Sleep Timer on iPhone Music

If you like listening to music as you fall asleep, here's how to set a sleep timer on iPhone music so that you don't have to manually turn it off.

How to Fix MP3 Tags

To fix MP3 tags such as albums, genre, artist and year, you can follow this tutorial to make things easy as a piece of cake.

How to Clean up iTunes Library

Most of Apple fans especially those use iTunes a lot are searching for easy way to clean up iTunes library including delete duplicated songs and clean music tracks.

How to Fix Music Covers

Want to have music covers with your music when you are enjoying music on your iTunes? This article is a simple guide on how to fix lost music covers.

How to Backup Music from iPhone to Mac

To enjoy music on Mac without purchasing them again from iTunes, you can try backup music from iPhone to Mac after following the steps below.

How to Backup Music from Android Phone to PC/Mac

To backup music from Android phone to PC/Mac become extremely simple after you read the guide below. Just hold your Android in hand and read the tutorial.

How to Download Music from YouTube

To enjoy more new music on your computer or smartphone, you can download music from YouTube to iTunes following the tutorial we provide to you.

How to Download Vimeo Music

To download Vimeo music to iTunes and tidy up your iTunes library, you can follow this guide. After that, you will find it useful and easy to operate.

How to Record Audio from Computer

Here's a simple guide showing you how to record audio from computer. You can follow the steps to record soundtracks that can't be downloaded to your PC.

How to Record Music from Spotify

This article shows you the easy way to record music from Spotify without costing you a cent. After that, songs can be enjoyed on your iTunes as you wish.

How to Record Music from Radio

To get music without purchasing from Radio, YouTube, Spotify and other music resources, you can try this tutorial and record music from Radio on your own.

How to Discover New Music/Playlist

With this tutorial, you don't need to search for playlist here and there. Songs and playlists are listed for your choice and you can download them on PC with ease.

Share Resource of Music Playlist

This post shows you 5 wonderful music playlists. You can choose whatever you want including top bridal party songs and download them from iTunes with ease.

How to Transfer Music between PC/Mac and iTunes

Get songs from internet or synced them from iDevice and want to manage them on iTunes? You need a tutorial on transferring music between PC/Mac and iTunes.

How to Transfer Music between PC/Mac and iPhone/iPad/iPod

To transfer music between PC/Mac and iPhone/iPad/iPod using iTunes is a little bit complex for some iOS users. Today, I'd love to show you the easier guide.

My Way to Manage Music At Ease

This is a brief introduction on how I manage music between my iPhone/Android, iTunes and computer with ease. I can't wait to share it with you.