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How to Transfer Videos from Android to iPad

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Hi everyone, I'm an old Apple veteran who was rocking iPhone for about 6 years, starting with the original. However I wasn't due for an upgrade until December, so I couldn't get an iPhone 5 as soon as it was released... as fortune would have it, I found an ad on Craigslist where a fella was trading his Galaxy S3 straight up for a "iPhone 4 or 5". So we met at the Verizon store and I gave him my iPhone 4 32 GB and he gave me his Galaxy S3 16 GB with a 32 GB SD card.

Talk about a SCORE! I would like to be able to edit my videos using iMovie on the iPad, but I'm not quite sure how I can get the video moved over. I'd rather not have to lug my MacBook Pro across the country with me if I can help it. Have any of you tried it?

In that case, you may try to use Phone Transfer to cover your need. Phone Transfer allows you to get your videos directly from Android to iPad. Designed as a phone transfer tool, Phone Transfer is compatible to iOS, Android, even Symbian system. That's to say, you can transfer movies between nearly any two mobile devices. Let's see how to copy videos between them.
Phone Transfer – video transfer between Android and iOS

The part below focuses on how to move all videos stored on your Android phone or tablet to the iPad by using the Windows version. Click to download below.

Step 1 Install the Phone Transfer on your computer
Install video transfer on your computer. The primary window after you run it should be as the sample below. Click the Phone to Phone Transfer section.
Android to iPad Video Transfer
Note: In order to get contacted with iPad, you need to have iTunes installed on your computer.

Step 2 Connect your Android device and iPad to the computer
Use USB cables to connect both of your Android phone and iPad to the same computer. The devices will be placed on the transfer window as the sample below. If their places are reversed, click Flip. Uncheck the ticks except Videos. Click the Start Copy.
Android Video Copy to iPad
Step 3 Transfer video from Android phone to iPad
The progress of transferring will be shown on the pop-up window. Be sure the USB cables are well connected during the transferring. It should be done in a minute or two.
Copy Android Video to iPad
After using the Phone Transfer to transfer movies from Android to iPad, you may want to manage your videos. Now, you can manage your videos on iPad with iOS Transfer.

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