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How to Back Up and Restore WhatsApp from BlackBerry

Athryn Mitchell

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"Can anyone teach me to back up and restore WhatsApp from BlackBerry? I own a BlackBerry 10 and I constantly use my Whatsapp application. I had some important information in one of my chats. It is necessary for me to back them up so that I can get them back when they are lost."
Marking itself as the ultimate business mobile phone, BlackBerry like BlackBerry 10 has its own method to well protect users private info and data from permanent loss. For example, when losing thousands of WhatsApp messages on your BlackBerry phone, you can directly get them back. In today's tutorial, we will show it.

Part 1. Back Up WhatsApp from BlackBerry
Part 2. Share Media on WhatsApp

Part 1. Back Up WhatsApp from BlackBerry

Step 2. Go to "Settings".
Step 3. Select the "Media Settings" button. You will have media and history options.
Step 4. Tap the "Backup conversation" button. Just sit back and wait. The application will help you create a backup after that.
Daily backup occurs automatically around 4:00 A.M and stores on the internal memory.
Voice messages are always automatically downloaded for the best communication experience.
Back up Blackberry WhatsApp

Part 2. Back Up WhatsApp from BlackBerry

Step 1. Uninstall WhatsApp from BlackBerry.
Step 2. Download and reinstall WhatsApp on BlackBerry.
step 3. Register with your phone number and the verification code.
Step 4. Select the "Restore" button on the pop-up when your backup is found.
Make sure you import your chat history before the file expires, as backup files are only valid for seven days after last saved.
Step 5. Check the WhatsApp manager. Your chat history should appear.
Chat History on BlackBerry
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