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How to Backup Android Contacts

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Situations Where You Need to Back Up Android Phone Book:
When you switch to an new Android, for instance, Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, HTC M9/M9, LG G4/G3, HUAWEI Mate.
Before factory reset to fix a malfunctioning electronic, remove a virus, or clear the configuration and settings of the default settings;
Before rooting your Android phone or tablet for more permission;
When you want to clear and free up your Android phone for more storage space;
In case of accidental phone loss, damage, or being stolen;
Under all these circumstances, creating a backup of your Android contacts is a must-to-do thing. We will show how to complete it with Android Transfer or Phone Transfer.
Both Anfroid Transfer and Phone Transfer can copy address book with names, phone numbers, email addresses, job titles, and more from Android phone to computer with few steps. These tool support many kinds of Android phones including Samsung Galaxy S6/ S6 Edge/S5, HTC M8/M9, LG G4/G3, Sony Xperia Z3, HUAWEI Mate, etc.

Part 1: Backup Android Contacts with Android Transfer

Android Transfer - well backup Android contacts directly

Use Android Transfer, and you can back up your phone data with ease or transfer data between Android phones. Now, why not download it on your computer and try it?

Step 1 Run Android Transfer and Connect Android to PC

After running the Android Transfer, just connect your Android to PC. The software will scan your device automatically. And you will see the different data listed at the left of the main window.

android transfer

Step 2 Backup Android contacts to PC

Select "Contacts" at the left column so that you can preview all of your contacts and you can select all of them or some of them to "Export" to computer. Here you can choose vCard, CSV or outlook format. You can also do the backup by simply going to "Super Toolkit" > "One-Click Backup". With just one click, you can back up data of the whole Android phone.

backup android contacts to pc

Note: Next time, if you want restore those contacts from computer to Android, you just click "Import" to restore them to your mobile phone.

restore android contacts

With Android Transfer, you can backup contacts with ease. Of course, you can also backup Android messages, photos and more to computer.

Part 2: Backup Android Contacts with Phone Transfer

Phone Transfer - an expert of Android backups

It offers a good way to sync significant files between your Android and PC. Not only it can save your data to computer but also restore your backups.

Step 1 Connect Android Phone to PC
To begin with, run Phone Transfer on your PC and elect “Back Up Your Phone” mode. Then connect your Android phone to PC with the USB cable that came with it.

Step 2 Select Contacts to backup
When your HTC phone is connected and the data in your phone is completely scanned, select content to backup. Mark “Contacts” in the middle list.
Connect Android Phone
Step 3 Back Up Phone Book to PC
Click the “Start Copy” button. This will start the copy process. Then wait for a while. When the progress bar is 100% filled, click “OK” in the pop-up. Now eject your HTC One and go to the PC. Your address book is copied and stored on your PC as .bak file.
Backup Android Contacts
Tips: When you need to restore your contacts, go back to step 1 and select “Restore From Backups”. Then you can get back all the phone number with the backup.
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