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How to Backup Android Messages

Athryn Mitchell

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Backing up text messages are important for phone users in case of doing a factory data reset or message being deleted accidentally or something like that. Even though there are several ways to do Android message backup, for example, sync SMS by using apps like SMS Backup+ to Gmail, plenty of time is cost and complicated operation is needed. Today let me provide some good ideas for you to have your text sent to computer with high efficiency. Here are two ways for you to choose to help you backup Android messages.

Android Transfer and Phone Transfer are wonderful tools for data backing up, and offer effective way to have significant data on your Android phone safely copied to computer. The files can be transferred including contacts, text messages, calendar, call logs and photos. And the software supports not only Android system, but iOS, Symbian and even Blackberry.

Tutorial1: Backup Android Messages with Android Transfer
Tutorial2: Backup Android Messages with Phone Transfer

Tutorial 1: Backup Android Messages with Android Transfer

Android Transfer - well backup Android messages directly

Use Android Transfer, and you can back up your phone data with ease or transfer data between Android phones. Now, why not download it on your computer and try it?

Step 1 Connect Android to PC

After installing and running the Android Transfer, you can connect your Android to PC. The software will scan your Android phone automatically. And you will see the different data listed at the left of the main window.

android transfer

Step 2 Backup Android messages to PC

When the software finish connecting device, you can select "SMS", and then click "Export".  You can also do the backup by simply going to "Super Toolkit" > "One-Click Backup". With just one click, you can back up data of the whole Android phone.

export sms

Note: Next time, if you want restore messages from computer to Android, you just click "Import" and choose the messages backup to restore them to your mobile phone.

restore android messages

With Android Transfer, you can backup messages with ease. Of course, you can also backup Android contacts, photos and more to computer.

Tutorial 2: Backup Android Messages with Phone Transfer

Phone Transfer - a handy software to backup Android messages

No matter what kind of Android phone you own, say Sony, Samsung, Google, HTC and so on, your message can be synced to PC with single program.

Step 1 Install Phone Transfer and run it
You can set up the software by clicking the "Free Download" button above according to your PC system. After the installation, launch it and you will enter the primary window. Select the "Back Up Your Phone" to move to the next step.
Phone Transfer Primary Window
Step 2 Connect your Android phone to PC
Connect your device to computer with USB cable. After being detected, it will be shown in the left box as "Source".
Connect Android Phone
Note: If your phone cannot be detected, please check your phone screen and authorize the computer.

Step 3 Backup Android messages
Select the "Text messages" button and click the "Start Copy" icon, your text information will be sent to your computer without missing.
Backup Android Messages

Isn’t it easy enough to backup Android messages with Phone Transfer? With only few clicks, you are not going to be disturbed by information missing. What’s more, you can also get your backups from computer to your mobile devices by using this program.
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