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How to Backup Contacts to OneDrive on Windows Phone

Athryn Mitchell

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Nowadays, cloud service, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive and more, are everywhere in our digital life. The one I would like to introduce to you today is OneDrive. OneDrive was previously called Windows Live SkyDrive. It's a cloud storage and file hosting service that allows you to sync files and access them from web browser or mobile device. It's fully compatible with Android, Blackberry, iOS and of course Windows phone. With OneDrive, you can back up your contacts to OneDrive on Windows Phone without connecting it to PC.

Steps to Back up Contacts to OneDrive on Windows Phone

Step 1. Find Settings List of the Email Accounts on Lumia
Go to "All apps" > "Settings" on the home screen of your Windows phone. After the settings list is shown, scroll down to find "email + accounts" under the "accounts" list.
Choose All Apps Go to Settings List Choose Email Account
Step 2 Sign in Outlook.com on Lumia
Choose "Add an account" > "Outlook.com" if you haven't sign in the email on your Lumia 930/640/630/535 before. Then, just enter the email address and the password to sign in.
Add Account on Lumia Choose Outlook Sign in Account
Then, in the next window, you will see the interface below, which shows you that it can automatically save your photos to OneDrive, sync your text messages and back up phone settings and app data. You can choose "Yes" to start the backup or "Not now" to stop it.
Tap Yes to Allow the Backup
Now the Windows Phone contacts will be automatically synced to your outlook account with ease. OneDrive is perfectly compatible with Windows phone and computer. So, you can also enter OneDrive on your computer with the same account to check for the backup record. It's not complex to back up Windows phone contacts to OneDrive, isn't it?

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