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How to Transfer Calendar from Android to Android

Athryn Mitchell

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"I just realized that I have been using the Calendar App on my phone rather than Google Calendar. I am going to get a Samsung S6 to replace my One M8 so I have to transfer data on the old one to the new. I know how to move media files like music and photos, but have no any idea about how to migrate calendar between them."

Exactly, just as the case, many Android users know how to remove media data on their phones to another, but obviously, few of them can transfer Calendar from Android to Android, which may also cause inconvenience. Well, if you are trapped in such situation, Phone Transfer can be a good helper for you!

Phone Transfer, named by its excellent function to transfer data between mobile phones, surly helps you transport Android calendar in one click. As a constantly upgraded program, it is compatible with the latest Android 5.0. In terms of handset, it is applicable for most brands of Android smartphones, including Samsung, Sony, HTC, Google, LG and Motorola.
Phone Transfer – sync calendar between Android phones

With only one click and few seconds, all your information on Android Calendar app can be completely removed to another one.

Step 1 Install Phone Transfer
Download Phone Transfer and install it correctly to your computer. When it is done, launch it and click "Phone to Phone Transfer" to move to the next stage.
Android to Android Phone Transfer
Step 2 Connect both Android phones
Plug both Android devices into the same PC with USB cables. After being detected, they will be presented as "Source" and "Destination". If you want exchange their roles, just click the "Flip" button right above the middle column.
Connect Both Android Phones
Step 3 Move Android calendar to Android
Check the "Calendar" icon in the middle box and then hit "Start Copy" so that you can migrate your calendar information from one smartphone to another.
Copying Calendar from Android to Android
Following the steps above, I am pretty sure you can transfer calendar from Android to Android. In addition, the transmission involves in events syncing, in hence, you can create vital events like date, appointment, etc. on one phone and then easily sync them to another with Phone Transfer!

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