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How to Transfer Contacts and SMS from BlackBerry to iPhone

Athryn Mitchell

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A lot of people use an iPhone as our personal phone, but saddled with a BlackBerry by the employers. It seems okay, but it would be nice to rely only on the iPhone. Therefore, you need to find a way to transfer all the important contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone. Since they run different mobile system, it's impossible to transfer contacts directly. You may need a BlackBerry to iPhone contact transfer to do it.

Phone Transfer, a powerful contact manager that is capable to transfer contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone in one tool. With it, you can copy your contacts without using tricky tool and following difficult steps. What's more, with this mighty tool, you can also transfer contacts to other mobile platform. All you need is to download the Phone Transfer below and follow the guide below.
Phone Transfer – BlackBerry to iPhone contact manager

Copy all the important contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone and keep everything in your iPhone to save your time. Phone Transfer can make it possible.

Step 1 Backup your BlackBerry with BlackBerry Desktop Software
First of all, install the BlackBerry Desktop Software on the computer. Run it and use USB cable to connect your BlackBerry to the computer. Click Back up now on the main window while it is recognized by the tool.
Blackberry Desktop Software
Note: You can skip this step if you have already backuped your data. In addition, iTunes should be installed on the computer to make sure Phone Transfer works well.

Step 2 Connect your iPhone to the computer
Download and install the BlackBerry to iPhone data transfer on your computer. Connect your iPhone via USB cable. Click Restore under the Backup and Restore section.
Phone Transfer Main Window
Step 3 Copy contacts and SMS from BlackBerry to iPhone
The information of your iPhone will be displayed on the right side of the window. Click the pull-down list on the left side. Choose BlackBerry backup file, all the backup files you have ever made with BlackBerry Desktop Software will be listed out.
Choose the one you want to transfer to iPhone. Check the boxes of contacts and/or SMS according your need. Then click Start Copy. Make sure your iPhone is well connected.
Transfer Contacts from Blackberry to iPhone
Note: Uncheck the box Clear data before copy if you do not want to erase your data during the transferring.

That's the simple step-by-step guide to transfer contacts from Blackberry to iPhone. Phone Transfer is more functional than you think. You can transfer not only contacts, but also music, SMS, photos between different mobile devices as well. Click to download it below.

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