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How to Transfer Contacts from BlackBerry to Samsung

Athryn Mitchell

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Hi guys. My Blackberry Torch 9800 has officially died. Screen blacked out completely, touchscreen stopped working before that and now the keypad is gone as well. Because of that and being through a bb before, I switched to Android. A Samsung Galaxy S3 to be exact. I want to transfer my contacts, but I can't figure out how other than with the defunct Google sync and or bluetooth. Is there possibly a way to do that using BlackBerry desktop manager? Please help! Thank you.

Just switch from BlackBerry phone to Samsung Galaxy? Did you copy your contacts to your Samsung Galaxy? If you still trapped in how to transfer contacts, you may try this BlackBerry Contact Transfer. This tool empowers you to transfer contacts from BlackBerry to Samsung phone. In addition, you can transfer call log and SMS to Samsung all in once. Follow the tutorial below to manage your contacts with this mighty tool.
Phone Transfer – transfer BlackBerry contacts to Samsung

This handy tool supports most Samsung devices includes Samsung Galaxy series and Note series. It supports the backup files of phones running BlackBerry OS 7.1 and above. Click and download it below.

Step 1 Backup your BlackBerry phone first
If you want to use this BlackBerry to Samsung Transfer, you ought to have your BlackBerry backuped by the BlackBerry Desktop Software. You can skip to step 2 if you have already backuped.
Blackberry Desktop Software
Run BlackBerry® Desktop Software on your computer, click Back up now to backup your BlackBerry contacts to your computer.

Step 2 Run the BlackBerry to Samsung Transfer
Install and run the Phone Transfer software on the computer. Click Restore under the Backup and Restore section. Then connect your Samsung phone to the computer with USB cable. The information of your Samsung phone will be displayed as soon as it is detected.
Blackberry to Samsung Contact Transfer
Step 3 Move contacts from BlackBerry to Samsung
Click the drag-down list on the left column and select the BlackBerry backup file. All backup file packs you have ever made will be shown. Choose the one you desire to transfer. Since all you need are contacts, uncheck the call logs and SMS, then click Start Copy. All your contacts should be copied in a minute then click OK.
Transfer Contacts from Blackberry to Samsung

That's the tutorial on how to transfer contacts from BlackBerry to Samsung. You can also use it to transfer contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone as well. What are you waiting for? Download it below!

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