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How to Transfer Contacts from HTC to Galaxy

Athryn Mitchell

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Released on April 10, 2015, Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge has captured the world's attention, let alone among Android fans – many of them can't wait to experience this wonderful device. It is good to own a new phone, but it can be annoying to have important data, say contacts numbers transferred to the new one. Therefore, many users are seeking a convenient approach to do that, especially HTC users, who also make up the majority of Android users. Fortunately, this article will tell you how to transfer contacts from HTC to Galaxy in a simple way.

As its name suggested, Phone Transfer is devoted to transferring files between mobile phones. By using this program, people can switch their phone contacts list from HTC to Galaxy exhaustively with only one click. The transfer involves in not only names and phone number, but also images, Email address, home address and so on.
Phone Transfer – transfer contacts to Galaxy for you

As a professional phone data carrier, Phone Transfer satisfies not only contacts transfer to Galaxy, but also to other Android phone transfer, including Sony, Motorola, LG and Nexus.

Step 1 Launch Phone Transfer
Download the software first and then install it to your computer. After the installation, turn it on and click the "Phone to Phone Transfer" button in the primary window.
Android to Android Phone Transfer
Step 2 Connect both devices to PC
Plug both devices to the computer with USB cables. Once they are detected by the program, they will be displayed as "Source" and "Destination". After connected successfully, it may take a while to load the information if there is too much data on your phone.
Transfer HTC Contacts to Galaxy
Note: If you want to send data from HTC to Samsung phone, just click the "Flip" icon.

Step 3 Transfer HTC contacts to Galaxy
Check the "Contacts" button in the middle column and then tap "Start Copy" to finish the transfer. If necessary, click the "clear data before copy" to avoid repetition.
Copying HTC Contacts to Galaxy

Following the steps above, it is so easy to get your contacts data back from HTC to the new Galaxy with Phone Transfer, isn't? For vital data like phone numbers, my suggestion is that you'd better backup phone contacts constantly in case of the accidental deletion or phone losing issue.

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