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How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone 6 to iPhone 6s

Athryn Mitchell

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“I am having a iPhone 6s now, was wondering does anyone know how can I transfer my contacts from my previous iPhone 6 to my new iPhone 6s, and at the same time does not affect the setup or new apps in iPhone 6. Any help would be appreciated. ”

Got a brand new iPhone 6s? Want to transfer contacts from iPhone 6 to iPhone 6s but don't know how to achieve it? Yes, you can transfer them via SIM card. But when you have too much contacts that over the capability of the SIM card, you will need a better method to transfer them. Perhaps Phone Transfer or iOS Transfer may help you to finish the transferring.

Tutorial 1: Copy iPhone Contacts to iPhone with Phone Transfer
Tutorial 2: Sync Phone Numbers between iPhones with iOS Transfer

Tutorial 1: Copy iPhone Contacts to iPhone with Phone Transfer

Phone Transfer provides a different way to transfer contacts between two different models of iPhone. It supports iPhone 6s Plus/6s/6 Plus/6/5s/5c/5 runs on iOS 9/8/7/6. You can get your contacts between various iPhones safely and conveniently. You can also copy contacts from your iPhone to Android phone when you decide to use some other mobile platforms.

Phone Transfer – convenient contact transfer for iPhone

You can copy contacts between iPhones without any difficulty, only a few steps you need to follow. Read the guide below that may help you successfully transfer contacts.

Step 1 Install Phone Transfer
Click the download button above that leads you to download the Phone Transfer. Install it like other software. It's compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP. Launch the Phone Transfer after installing it. Then click Start under the Phone to Phone Transfer.
Phone Transfer Main Window
Note: You need to have iTunes installed on your PC before using it to transfer contacts between iPhones.

Step 2 Connect both iPhones to the computer
Connect your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s to the same computer using USB cables. The Phone Transfer will detect their models and display them in the main window automatically. Make sure that the "Source" iPhone and the "Destination" one are in the right place. Otherwise, you can click "Flip" to switch them.
Select Contacts Only

Step 3 Copy contacts from iPhone 6 to iPhone 6s
By default, the program will enable you to transfer everything include contacts, text messages, photos, music and videos. Since only contacts are needed to be transferred, uncheck the boxes expect contacts. Click "Start Copy" when everything is done. Keep both iPhones connected during the transferring. When the process of transfer is finished, click "OK".
Transfer iPhone Contacts


1. With Phone Transfer, not only conatct list but also photos, music, SMS can be removed in one click.

2. If you want to clear the data in your iPhone 6s before copying, check the box "Clear data before copy" under the Destination phone. Otherwise, make sure it's unchecked.

Tutorial 2: Sync Phone Numbers between iPhones with iOS Transfer

iOS Transfer is a user-friendly data transfer program for iDevices users. With only few clicks, your contacts can be fast synced from iPhone 6 to the new iPhone. What’s more, you can also add and edit contacts with this program.

iOS Transfer – an information carrier for iPhone users

With the software, you can better manage your iPhone data, including photos, books, phone numbers, SMS.

Step 1 Turn on iOS Transfer and connect both iPhones
After installing the program, open it and you can see its primary window. Plug your devices into the computer with USB cables. The software can detect them automatically as long as iTunes has been installed to the PC. After being detected, they will be displayed in the left column.
Connect iPhones
Step 2 Transmit contacts on iPhone 6 to iPhone 6s
Choose "Contacts" under the source device on the left side. Right-click items you want to copy and select "Export Selected Contacts" to send them to the target phone. If you want to remove all contacts, just move the cursor to "Import/Export" icon and then select "Export All Contacts" to sync them to your iPhone 6s.
Transfer Contacts from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6
Note: iOS Transfer allows you preview items you’d like to transmit in detail, therefore, you can transfer files specifically.

As we can see, Phone Transfer and iOS Transfer are both easy to use. The former offers you the faster way to have your data copied, while the latter provides a more specific approach to help you update your contacts to your new phone.
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