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How to Transfer Contacts from Windows Phone to iPhone

Athryn Mitchell

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"iPhone adoption is now growing rapidly especially after the release of the iPhone 6s Plus/6s. You may ask is it possible to transfer contacts from Windows Phone to iPhone? If the answer is yes, what can I do to transfer them? If given any suggestion, I will be very appreciated."
Nowadays, more and more smartphone users are selling their old phone and turn to use iPhone. A majority of them are Windows Phone users. What they mostly ask in forums are: Can I transfer contacts from Windows phone to iPhone? Today, I will show you the simple steps to manage it with the help of Phone Transfer.

Phone Transfer, an excellent contacts transfer program for Windows phone users to copy their contacts from Lumia 930/640/630/535 to iPhone. Unlike other transfer software, you don't need to click several times to choose the contacts one by one before you transfer them. Instead, you just need to choose the data type you want and they will be copied to your computer in batches.
Phone Transfer – transfer contacts between Windows Phone to iPhone

With the help of Phone Transfer, contacts, as well as other data types like photos, videos and music can be transferred from Windows phone to iPhone.

Step 1 Install Phone Transfer on PC
Download and Install Phone Transfer on your computer and then launch it. Then, you will see the interface as shown below. Just choose "Phone to Phone Transfer".
Primary Window of Phone Transfer

Step 2 Connect Windows Phone and iPhone to PC and Back up Lumia
Now connect both your Windows phone and iPhone to the computer with the USB cables. Make sure that your Windows phone is listed on the left and the iPhone on the right side as you want to transfer contacts from Windows phone to iPhone. If they are not on the right place, click "Flip" on the top to change the position between them. After connected, you will see the interface as below.
Transfer Contacts from Windows Phone to iPhone
Note: If you haven't backed up your Lumia 950/930/640/630/535 before, you have to back up Windows phone contacts to OneDrive first.

Step 3 Sign in OneDrive Account
After you've backed up your Windows phone, you can choose "Have backed up already." to start the transfer. After that, you will be asked to sign in to your OneDrive account.
Sign in OneDrive

Step 4 Choose Data Type to Transfer
After that, the amount and the category of the Windows Phone data will be shown in the middle of the interface. As you can see in the interface, contacts, photos, videos and music are supported by this software. You can choose "Contacts" and click "Start Transfer" to transfer the Lumia contacts to iPhone with ease.
Select Contacts on Windows Phone
You will then see the blue progress bar showing you the transferring process. Wait till the end of the transfer and click finish to end this.
Transfer Contacts to iPhone
With only 4 steps, you can transfer contacts from Windows phone to iPhone with ease. Besides, Phone Transfer is also a useful data transfer program for smartphone users that no matter which phone brand you use, you can transfer multiple data between Android, iOS, Blackberry, Nokia and Windows Phone with ease. It's an extraordinary program for smartphone users to manage their data especially contacts with ease. If you have any problem about how to use it, please feel free to contact us.

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