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How to Copy Contacts from iPhone to Android

Athryn Mitchell

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It was not a difficult issue to copy contacts from iPhone to Android by importing the contact list to Google Contacts via iTunes until this option has been removed from iTunes 12. And now, many users are looking for other approaches to remove such information onto their Android phones. Well, Phone Transfer may be the one you can opt for.

As a one-in-all data transport tool, Phone Transfer surly works on exporting iPhone contacts to Android. Requiring only one click, all contacts information, including name, mobile numbers, email address and so on will be completely synced from iPhone to Android. And what's more, it applicable for most iPhone (iPhone 6/6 Plus/5s/5c/5) as well as Android phones (Galaxy S6/S6edge, Sony Xperia Z3, Nexus 5 etc.), therefore, you can just follow the tutorial below to copy your data no matter what phones you are holding!
Phone Transfer – remove iPhone contacts to Android

Phone Transfer offers a easy and quick way for you to sync contacts from iPhone to Android. With this software, you can simply do that in few minutes!

Step 1 Install and launch Phone Transfer
Download and install Phone Transfer to your computer. Open it and you will see its main window just as below. Click "Phone to Phone Transfer" to move on.
Contact Transfer Main Window
Step 2 Connect both iPhone and Android
Plug your iPhone and Android phone to the PC with USB cables. After being automatically detected by the software, they will be represented as "Source" and "Destination". This program is so mindful to allow you exchange the positions of the two devices by simply clicking "Flip".
iPhone Contacts to Android
Note: You need to install iTunes on your computer before the transferring. Also, Phone Transfer will detect and remind you if you don't iTunes on your computer.

Step 3 Copy iPhone contacts to Android
Check the "Contacts" box in the middle column and then click "Start Copy" so that the transfer begins.
Transferring iPhone Contacts to Android
Alright, now you can view the transferred information on your Android phone. Phone Transfer makes it easy to not only switch contacts list from iOS and Android, but also vice-versa to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone. With it, you won't be bothered by the data connection issue and just enjoy the life owning two or more mobile devices!

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