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How to Transfer Data from Nokia to Android

Athryn Mitchell

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Currently more and more people use Android phones or iPhones instead of Symbian phones. Attractive new features and the bigger screen may lead you to abandon your old Symbian Nokia and choose the Android OS, like Samsung Galaxy, as others do. However, problems will show up once you want to transfer the data on your old Nokia to the new Samsung, like contacts. You won’t do that manually one by one or export the contacts into a .CSV file and then import to your Android phone, will you? That would be time-consuming, anyway. In fact, there is a more convenient method—why not use Phone Transfer?

Phone Transfer is an amazing and effective phone data transfer tool which can give you a hand in switching contacts, music, videos and SMS from your Nokia to new Android phone. All these contents will be copied to your Android phone in one go in a flash.

Phone Transfer - handy tool for data transferring

This phone transfer allows you to transfer multiple data from an old Symbian phone to a brand new Android with a few steps. Read the table and follow the guide below may help you in data transferring.

What Can Phone Transfer Copy from Symbian to Android?

Transfer Content Abstract

Nokia to Android

Text messages
All messages on Nokia can be transferred to Android safely
Media files
Switch media files such as songs, videos and pictures on Nokia to Android quickly
All contacts, including those in various accounts, can be copied to Android.

Note: It supports all the Nokia devices with Symbian 40, Symbian 60 and even Symbian^3, thousands of Android devices and various iOS devices..

How to Transfer Data from Nokia to Android?

Now download Phone Transfer and install it on your computer. Let’s begin!

Firstly, launch Phone Transfer. Use two USB cables to connect both your Nokia and Android phones to the computer. They will appear on the window after they are detected by the program, with Nokia the Source on the left, Galaxy the Destination on the right.

Note: The “Flip” button is used for exchange two phones’ positions.

Secondly, select content you want to copy. You can selectively check the content: Contacts, Text messages, Photos, Music and Videos. After that, just click on “Start Copy” to get the data switching started.

Click on “Ok” when the Nokia data transferring is over.

Nokia to Android

If you went the traditional way to copy phone data, you would have spent a much longer time than you do now. With Phone Transfer, just by a few clicks, all the images, songs, videos, text messages and contacts will be transferred from your Symbian Nokia to your brand-new Android device in the same time with their original quality. Download it right now!

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