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How to Download Photos from iCloud to iPhone

Athryn Mitchell

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Question: "How can I Download Photos from iCloud to iPhone? I  am intended to restore my Camera Roll backup on iCloud. Recently, I lost my iPhone 6 and purchased a new one. When I started the Photo Stream on the new one, I  successfully loaded and got back some photos in Photo Stream. But now I cannot access to photos in previous backed up Camera Roll."

Answer: Aim to this situation, Phone Transfer will come into play. With Phone Transfer, it is available to download your backed-up photos in Camera Roll and then copy them to your iPhone. The procedure is extremely simple and it will be efficient.
Phone Transfer - simple and efficient to download iCloud photos

As the name implies, Phone Transfer is created to help photos migrate from one place to another, such as phone to phone, backup to phone, and etc.

Step 1 Enter Restore from Backups Mode
At first, launch Phone Transfer and plug in iPhone as a destination. Click the green button, with which you will enter "Restore from Backups" mode. Then click the iCloud icon.
Plug iPhone to PC
At the lower-right, you can set to clear data before copy or not.

Step 2 Sign in iCloud and Download
When the following interface occurs, log in iCloud with your Apple ID and password. Then the program will load your iCloud files.
Sign in iCloud
When the program have successfully logged in, you will view that your iCloud backups are shown in the picture. Choose whichever one containing your wanted photos and click Download.
Download iCloud Backup
Step 3. Copy and Transfer iCloud Photos
After downloading your backup, all the contents containing photos, text messages, contacts and etc. are in the list. Click Photos and Start Copy, your images will be migrated to the iPhone.
Start Copy
During copying, please do not disconnect the phone. When all the files are completely imported, just click OK to finish the procedure.
Finish Transfer

If you have a phone with the pictures at hand, you can also turn to Phone to Phone Transfer. And we sincerely welcome your comments and questions.

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