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How to Export Contacts from iPhone to Android

Athryn Mitchell

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As the most popular operating system around the world, both iOS and Android have their unique strengths. Therefore, it is so common for people own both devices. However, this causes an annoying problem – the data syncing issue. Many people find it difficult to export contacts from iPhone to Android phone. Well, there are solutions for you - use Phone Transfer and iCloud.com.

Tutorial 1: Transfer iPhone Contacts to Android with Phone Transfer
Tutorial 2: Use iCloud to Sync Contacts between iOS and Android

Tutorial 1: Transfer iPhone Contacts to Android with Phone

Being a helpful data transfer tool, Phone Transfer provides a solution for contacts transmission across different mobile platform. It is not simple transfer involved in phone number and e-mail address only, but more comprehensive syncing including information like birthday, contact image and so on. With this program, the detailed data of your contact list can be transported in only one click. Follow the guide below and export contacts from iPhone to Android phone.
Phone Transfer - a wonderful tool to export iPhone contacts

Phone Transfer helps iOS users switch data from iPhone to Android. As constantly updated software, it supports the hottest Android phones, such as Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 edge, HTC One M9 and so on.

Step 1 Install Phone Transfer
Install the software by clicking the "Free Download" button above. After the installation, you will enter the primary window of the program. Click the "Phone to Phone Transfer" to enter the next stage.
Phone Transfer Primary Window
Step 2 Connect both phones
Plug both iPhone and Android phone to your computer via USB cables. The two devices will be detected by the program automatically and displayed in two sides as "Source" and "Destination". To make sure the iPhone being detected, iTunes should be set up first.
Connect iPhone and Android Phone
Note: If you want to exchange the "Source" and "Destination", tap on the "Flip" icon right above the middle column.

Step 3 Export iPhone contacts to Android
Check "Contacts" in the "Select contact to copy" box and begin to transfer data by clicking "Start Copy".
Export iPhone Contacts to Android
1. To avoid repetition, you can check "Clear data before copy" in the bottom of "Destination".
2. Some information like notes, instant message and related account etc. cannot be synced from iPhone to Android phone.

Tutorial 2: Use iCloud to Sync Contacts between iOS and Android

In fact, there is another way for you to switch your contacts list from iDevices to Android – use iCloud account. If you have back up information to iCloud web page, you can try to get them back to the Android phone as followed:

1. Log onto www.icloud.com on your computer. Tap on the "Contacts" icon in the primary window.
iCloud Web Paga

2. Click gear icon in the bottom of the left side to export the contact file(s) to the PC in the vCard format.

Export iPhone Contacts
3. Plug the Android phone into the computer and then drag the VCF files to the phone.

Well, these are two practical methods to export iPhone contacts to Android. Phone Transfer helps you to sync the information in one click at any time as long as there is a computer, both devices and USB cables, while iCloud offers a free way. Both of them are good to use and my suggestion is to make your choice depended on your practical reason.

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