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Migrate Facebook Messenger Messages to Another Android Phone

Athryn Mitchell

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I spend lot of time using Facebook on my Android in my everyday life. Besides sharing my life with my friends on my Facebook timeline, I chat with my friends as well. So, there're lots of precious Facebook Messenger messages stored on my Android. This becomes a big headache when I am going to use a new Android phone. To migrate Facebook Messenger messages between Android becomes the most important things after I transfer contacts to my new Android. Thankfully, Phone Transfer is not only an app transfer assistant, but also a Facebook photo saver. That is, it can not only transfer apps like Facebook from one Android to another, but also messages, photos, audios and videos in it.

Phone Transfer is without doubt an awesome app transfer program for Android. It's a once-and-for-all tool that you can transfer Facebook together with its app data (videos, audios, messages, and more). Of course, Facebook is not the only one you can transfer. As long as you've hit on the "Start Transfer" button in the interface, all the apps and app data on your Android phone can be all transferred to your new Android with one click.
Phone Transfer - expertise on migrating Facebook messages between Android

If you are searching for some way to transfer Facebook Messenger messages for your Android. You can count on Phone Transfer, the excellent app data transfer tool for Android.

Step 1 Connect Both Android to PC
Download and install Phone Transfer on your computer. There are both Win and Mac versions provided for you to choose. After everything get ready, choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" and connect both your Android phones via USB cables.
Transfer Facebook Messenger Messages from Android to Android
Note: Phone Transfer is updated frequently so that it would support the latest Android phones like Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge/S6/S6 Edge, Galaxy A9, Note 5/Note 4 and more soon after the release.

Step 2 Scan Files on Android Phone/Tablet
After your Android phones connected, all the files on your Android will be detected and listed according to the data types. You just need to make sure that the source Android phone is listed on the left side and the destination one on the right. Tap "Flip" to change the position if they are not in the right place.
Transfer Facebook App Data between Android
Step 3 Transfer Facebook Chat Messages from Android to Android
After everything settled, you can download and click on "App Data (Root)" in the middle of the interface. Then, the app category will be chosen automatically as well. Now just hit on the "Start Transfer" in the interface and here it is, all the app and app data on your Android are migrated to another one.
Copy Facebook Photos Videos Audio from Android to Android
Note: Here's an important thing that you should know about. If you want to transfer Facebook photos, messages and more app data on your Android phone, Phone Transfer will root your Android temporarily. After you successfully get your Android app data synced to your new Android, the root will be removed.

As you can see, Phone Transfer only requires 3 simple steps for you to transfer Facebook Messenger messages from Android to Android. With the same steps, you can also transfer Duolingo, Twitter, Skype, and more app together with its app data. If you have any problem using it, please feel free to let us know.

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