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Sync Facebook Messenger Messages with Samsung Device

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"I have a long-distance relationship with my girlfriend and we talk a lot on Facebook. We took selfies and videos to share with each other on Facebook Messenger. Now, my old Android phone is too old-fashioned and I am going to buy a new Samsung, maybe Galaxy S7/S7 Edge/A9/A7 something. But is there any chance that I can sync my Android and get Facebook chat history to my new Samsung?"
The answer will be positive if you try Phone Transfer.

Phone Transfer is a useful data transfer tool for Android users. No matter which operating system your Android is on (various from Android 2.3 to Android 6.0), you can easily sync Facebook messages from one Samsung to another one. New Samsung phones like Galaxy S7 Edge/S7/A9/A7/Note 5 and more are supported, not to mention the precious ones like Samsung Galaxy S5/Note 4/S4/A5 and more flagship phone.
Phone Transfer - professional Samsung Facebook chat messages transfer tool

Phone Transfer is your first choice. It is not only an excellent app data transfer program, but also an excellent app manager that can help you deal with other data types on Samsung.

Step 1 Download and Install Phone Transfer on Computer
The first thing you need is that you should have a computer. Then, download Phone Transfer on your computer. When it is done, you can launch the software and choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" in the interface.
Transfer Facebook Photos Videos to Samsung
Note: As you can see, you can also back up your phone, restore files from backup and even erase your phone with the help of Phone Transfer. How excellent it is!

Step 2 Connect Both Samsung to PC
Now, you can connect both your Samsung phones to the computer via USB cables. Make sure that your old Samsung phones are listed on the left side as a source phone and the other on the right as a destination one. Click "Flip" on the top if they are on the wrong place.
Transfer Facebook Photos and Videos between Samsung
Note: After that, you will see that all the supported data types on your old Samsung are listed, including contacts, text messages, calendar, call logs, photos, music, videos, apps and app data. Besides Samsung devices, other Android phones like Sony, LG, Motorola, OnePlus and more are supported as well.

Step 3 Transfer Facebook Messages Between Samsung Phones
In the previous steps, all the files on your old Samsung phones will be detected after being recognized. You can now simply click on "App Data (Root)" and the "App" category will be ticked as well. Just hit on the blue "Start Transfer" button in the interface and it will start syncing Facebook pictures and videos from your old Samsung phone/tablet to your new one.
Copy Facebook Photos Videos Audio from Samsung to Samsung
Note: If your phone hasn't been rooted, Phone Transfer will root your Android temporarily. When the transfer is done, it will be removed.

Now, you can check your new Samsung phone/tablet to see whether the Facebook images and videos have been transferred. Besides Facebook photos and videos, WhatsApp photos, Twitter messages and game record can all be transferred between Samsung with the same steps thanks to Phone Transfer. Here are more articles about app data transfer for Android users.

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