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Sync Facebook Photos/Videos with New Samsung Galaxy

Athryn Mitchell

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"Phone call in two different cities can be very expensive. To save the calling fee on our Samsung phone, my parents and I chat on Facebook. I've sent some photos and videos when chatting with my parents. Recently, they are asking me how to sync Facebook photos and videos with Samsung Galaxy because there's something wrong with the old Samsung and my dad is going to buy a new one. Can anyone please show me how to transfer Facebook photos and videos between Samsung phones?"
Facebook photos, videos and more can be transferred from old Samsung to new one with the help of Phone Transfer.

Phone Transfer is a program specializes in transferring app and app data from Samsung to Samsung. No matter it is Facebook photos, videos, audios and other app data and more can be synced with ease as long as you use Android devices that runs from Android 2.3 to Android 6.0.
Phone Transfer - transfer Facebook photos and videos between Samsung

To transfer Facebook app photos and videos you can try Phone Transfer, the excellent app data transfer, on your Samsung Galaxy A9/A7/A5/S6 Edge+/S6 Edge/S6/S5/Note 5/Note Edge/Note 4.

Step 1 Download Phone Transfer on PC
Download and install Phone Transfer on your computer. Then, you will see the interface as below after launching the program. Choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" in the interface and move on.
Transfer Facebook Photos Videos to Samsung
Note: As you can see, you can also back up your phone, restore files from backup and even erase your phone with the help of Phone Transfer. How excellent it is!

Step 2 Connect Both Samsung Phones to PC
Now, you will be asked to connect both your Samsung phones to the computer via USB cables. Then, you will see the interface as below. Make sure that your old Samsung phone is shown in the left and the new one on the right. If they are on the wrong position, tap "Flip" on the top to change them.
Transfer Facebook Photos and Videos between Samsung
Note: Phone Transfer is updated frequently. When there's a new device released, Phone Transfer will support it before long. So, there's no doubt that Galaxy S7 Edge+/S7 Edge/S7/J5 and more will be all supported.

Step 3 Transfer Facebook Photos, Videos from Samsung to Samsung
Now, here comes the most important part – transfer. In the interface, you will see that there are several supported data types such as contacts, text messages, calendar, call logs, photos, music, videos, apps and app data. Choose "App Data" in the interface rather than the photo or video option and click on "Start Transfer" to sync Facebook data.
Copy Facebook Photos Videos from Samsung to Samsung
Note: Phone Transfer will ask for rooting your Android if you have never have it rooted. Choose "Confirm" if you see the popup prompt.

That's it. With three simple steps, you can transfer Facebook photos, videos and audios from old Samsung to new one using Phone Transfer. With the same steps, you can also transfer WhatsApp data between Samsung.

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