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How to Get Photos from iCloud to Android

Athryn Mitchell

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With the high quality of pixels, iPhone photography has become popularamong young people. To reserve their memory, they would like to sync photos to iCloud. But once they want to transfer images to Android phones to share with others, they might be trapped into confusion. It seems that complex operations are needed: Photo Stream service, iPhoto, Google+. Therefore, many of them are seeking an easier method. This article is devoted to help you deal with this problem by offering guidance to get photos from iCloud to Android.

Tutorial1:Get iCloud Photos to Android with Phone Transfer
Tutorial2:Get iCloud photos to Android with Photo Stream

Tutorial 1: Get iCloud Photos to Android with Phone Transfer

Phone Transfer, as it is named, transfer files including music, contacts, text message etc. between two devices. This program allows cross system transfer so you can get photos from iCloud to Android easily. It supports smart phones with iOS, Android, Symbian and Blackberry.
Phone Transfer - a bridge from iCloud to Android

With few click, your iCloud images can be simply sync to Android devices. Also, media on iCloud like music, videos can be sent to your Samsung, HTC, Sony and other Android devices in the same way.

Step 1 Set up Phone Transfer and launch it
First, you have to make sure Phone Transfer is installed on your computer. And then run it to enter the next step.
Phone Transfer Primary Window
Step 2 Connect your device and sign in to iCloud
After connecting your Android phone, it will be detected and displayed in the Destination box. Sign in to your iCloud account in the left column and then check the box in front of the iOS device to backup your iCloud files.
Connect Android Phone

Step 3 Transfer your photos to Android
Select the "Photos" button in the middle box, and then click the "Start Copy" icon. Your pictures will be synced at once!
Transfer iCloud Photos To Android
Note: To avoid repetition, you may click the "Clear data before copy" before starting copy.

In this way, you can directly send photos from your iCloud to your Android without transmitting them to computer first, which saves time for you. Also, Phone Transfer allows you to sync data from phone to phone, not only iOS to Android, but also Symbian to Android, Symbian to iOS. With this program, you're not going to be bothered by the cross system transfer issue!

Tutorial 2: Get iCloud Photos to Android with Photo Stream

Through Photo Stream, you can freely sent pictures to your Android phone from iCloud. Next, it is the steps.
1. Tap the "Setting" and go to Photo Stream to turn it on.
2. Download the Control Panel on your PC for your iCloud and enable the Sync feature.
3. Connect your phone to Internet, and your photos on iCloud will be automatically transferred to computer.
4. Connect your Android device to your computer via USB cable, and transfer all photos to your phone.
Following the processes above, your iCloud photo can be also synced to the Android device. But remember, it only works when Internet is available.

OK! There are 2 useful way for you to do some transfer from iCloud to Android. And you can choose one as you like.

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