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How to Transfer SMS from BlackBerry to Android

Athryn Mitchell

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Since BlackBerry is not as popular as it used to be, some of its fans may switch to another brand phones like Android. Obviously at the moment you get your new Kikkat phone, you may be delighted. But later when you look at your empty brand new Samsung Note 4, for example, you may sigh, for all of your important messages were still left on your old smartphone. But don’t be anxious, Phone Transfer can help you copy all the texts from BlackBerry and paste them in Android.

Phone Transfer is designed for users who want to transfer information including messages, contacts, music, photos and call history from one phone to another. The steps are quite easy to follow and you can finish the delivery only in one click. Just click the “Download” button below and see how easy it is.
Phone Transfer – easily transfer from BlackBerry to Android

This powerful tool can help you send SMS from BleckBerry to Android in only one click. It has been widely used among users.

Step 1 Back up SMS to BlackBerry® Desktop Software
Note: If you already backed up your files before, just start from Step 2.

Please download BlackBerry® Desktop Software and launch it. Also you need to connect your old cellphone to computer. After being automatically detected, there is a pop-up below. Click “Back up now” to upload your data.
Blackberry Desktop Software

Step 2 Open Phone Transfer and restore
After ensuring that you have backed up BlackBerry files, unfold Mobile Transfer which you have installed before. Then connect your Android to PC. When you see the interface below, click “Restore” button.
Blackberry to iPhone DataTransfer
Step 3 Start copying SMS to Android
Next, you can select the latest backup file in the left column and choose the documents that you want to pass to your new phone. Finally, you can click “Start Copy” to complete the whole process.
Restore to Android
I’ m pretty sure that you all know how to use this software because it’s so easy to operate. So are you satisfied with our product? If you like it, share with your friends!

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