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How to Transfer Music from Android to iPod

Athryn Mitchell

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Allowing you enjoy music wherever you go, iPod nano is the perfect way to carry music collection in your pocket. But if you use to listen to music with your Android, and now you are going to switch to the iPod, you need to transfer your Android music collection to the iPod. Sure, you can export the Android songs to PC and then import them to iPod using iTunes. But for me, I will feel lazy to manually do this job. And you? If you are the same to me, turn to TunesGo, a one-click transfer program. With this program, nothing can stop your profound passion about music.

TunesGo is a program that allows you to transfer music from one device to another even though they work on the totally different OS, for example, Android and iPod. Once the Android and iPod are connected, you can select songs in the Android and copy them to the iPod with one click.
TunesGo – music transfer between Android and iPod

The following part below is the step-by-step guide of transferring songs from Android device to iPod. You can click to download the program first.

Step 1 Connect Android and iPod to PC
First, run TunesGo on your Windows/Mac PC. Then connect your Android and iPod to the computer. Wait for seconds, devices will be detected and installed. And you can find the device name at the left pane, Galaxy Note 4 and iPod for example.
Connect Android and iPod to PC
Step 2 Select Songs to Copy
Click the triangle followed by "Galaxy Note4". This will expand the contents in the Android device, including Music, Movies, etc. Click the "Music" button. Then all the items included will be displayed at the pane. Mark the ones you want to clone.
Note: You can select and play the specific song before exporting.
Select Songs to Copy
Step 3 Transfer Android Music to iPad
Click the triangle below to "Export to". You will get three options. Choose "iPod". This will enable the program to copy all the selected songs from Android to the iPod.
Transfer Songs from Android to iTunes
That's it. You have successfully moved all the Android music to your iPod. Also, you can transfer songs to PC or to iTunes Library. Entertainment never ends with TunesGo. Enjoy!

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