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How to Transfer Music from Lumia to iPhone

Athryn Mitchell

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Sometimes, you might want to share you music from Windows Phone like Lumia 640 to your friend's iPhone. However, it seems difficult to do it directly without using a proper program. Many people are stuck in here so they have no choice but to copy hundreds of songs one by one via Bluetooth or WhatsApp. If you are just not sure which program will work, you can follow the easy-to-use transfer software to transfer your .mp3, .m4r and more from your Windows phone to iPhone.

Phone Transfer is tool that allows you to export music from Lumia to iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s and other iPhone models. With the help of such a powerful program, data including music, photos, and videos are supported to transfer from Windows Phone to iPhone in three steps. Because Phone Transfer is compatible with numerous OS including iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Phone, etc., it is possible for you to get music from iPad, Samsung to iPhone using this flexible tool. You can feel safe about the method we provide here because it is a tool for view and transfer only. It won't cause any damage to your data.
Phone Transfer – copy music from Lumia to iPhone

Phone Transfer is a professional files transfer tool designed for multi-phone users. It lets you get music from Lumia to iPhone easily. Follow the steps here and start to transfer songs now!

Step 1 Click on "Phone to Phone Transfer Mode"
To start with, you should make sure you've completely downloaded and installed the program on computer. After that, launch the program and you will see the main interface as follow. Select "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode which allows you to transfer files from one phone to another with one click.
Primary Window of Phone Transfer

Step 2 Please connect iPhone and Lumia to computer
Once you get both iPhone and lumia connected, you will see both devices display on the transfer window. If you want to transfer songs from Lumia to iPhone, put Lumia on the left (Source section) and iPhone on the right (Destination). You can click on "Flip" button to change the transferring direction.
Transfer Music from Windows Phone to iPhone

Step 3 Sync music files from Lumia to iPhone
Finally, you can click on "Music" > "Start Transfer" to sync music files from Lumia to iPhone. Once finished, you will receive a message saying "You've have copied the data completely" on the computer. Then click on "OK" to confirm that the process is done.
Finish Transfer Music from Windows Phone to iPhone

Problem solved! Now you can start to transfer contacts from Lumia to iPhone as well as photos, videos and more. The process is almost the same. Then you will find all transferred files stored on your iPhone in a moment.

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