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How to Transfer Photos from Android to iPad Air

Athryn Mitchell

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"I have a Galaxy 6S and an iPad Air. I want to take pictures with my Samsung while enjoy them with my iPad. But I don’t know how to get my photos from the Android phone to iPad. Can anyone give me a clue?"
As the case mentioned, nowadays, many people like to photograph with Android devices for the wonderful camera feature. However, most of them don’t know how to put their images to iPad from Android phone for better enjoying. Fortunately, you may get an answer from this article. This passage will introduce you two useful ways to do that.

Tutorial1: Transfer Photos from Android to iPad Air with Phone Transfer
Tutorial2: Transfer Photos from Android to iPad Air with iTunes

Tutorial 1: Transfer Photos from Android to iPad Air with Phone Transfer

Phone Transfer, as an amazing data transfer tool, spans different operation systems such as Android and iOS to have information transmitted. With this software, you can easily transfer photos on your Android phone to iPad Air. What’s more, it also supports files syncing including Symbian to iOS, Symbian to Android, iCloud to iOS and so on.
Phone Transfer - a data carrier between Android and iOS

By using Phone Transfer, not only photos, but also information like music, videos, contact, text message and calendar can be simply synced between Android phone to iPad Air.

Step 1 Install Phone Transfer
First, install Phone Transfer to your computer and open it. Click the largest box with "Phone to Phone Transfer".
Phone Transfer Primary Window
Step 2 Connect your Android phone and iPad Air
Plug the both devices to the computer via USB cables. After that, you will see the Android phone be shown in the left column as the "Source", while the iPad Air be displayed in the right side as the "Destination".
Connect Android Phone And iPad Air
Note: If you want to change the transfer direction, just click the "Flip" button right above the "Select content to copy" column.

Step 3Remove Android photos to iPad Air
Click the "Photos" button in the middle column, and then tap "Start Copy" and your pictures on the phone will be soon sent to the iPad.
Transfer Android Photos To iPad Air
Note: To avoid repetition, you can check the "Clear data before copy" icon in the bottom of the "Destination" box.

Isn’t it amazing? Only few clicks needed, you can easily transfer files from Android to iPad. But it should be reminded that neither call logs nor apps can be copied between the two systems because of the different formats. As a professional transfer tool, Phone Transfer also sends data between phones and computers. In a word, your data on phones or other mobile devices can be better managed with it!

Tutorial 2: Transfer Photos from Android to iPad Air with iTunes

Actually, you can also copy photos from Android to iPad with iTunes. The processes are as followed.
1. Connect the both devices to the computer.
2. Copy pictures files from the internal storage or SD card of your phone to the computer. You may create a new folder for it.
3. Launch iTunes. Click the "File" on the upper left side. Select "Add Folder to Library" and then choose the fold created before, and the photos are added to your iTunes.
4. Click the "Photos" icon in the left column. Check the "Sync Photos" and select the "Selected folders" and then choose the folder you have added. With the click of "Apply", everything is done.

As you can see, you can also transfer photos from Android to iPad Air with iTunes, but it may take you much time so you should be patient.

Well, there are two practical ways for you to transfer Android photos to iPad Air. You can choose one to have your pictures synced.

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