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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPad

Athryn Mitchell

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Taking photos with your handy iPhone is amazing, especially during the traveling or having a wonderful party. But have you ever tried to share these wonderful memories with your families or friends? You can use Photo Stream to share them to another iDevice by logging in under the same Apple ID, but Photo Stream keeps no more than 1000 pictures for only 30 days. What a disappointment! Actually, there're more reliable methods.

Tutorial 1: Sync Pictures from iPhone to iPad with Phone Transfer
Tutorial 2: Copy iPhone Photos to iPad with iOS Transfer

Tutorial 1: Sync Pictures from iPhone to iPad with Phone Transfer

Phone Transfer is one of the best choice to tarnsfer iPhone pictures to iPad. With it, you can transfer all the photos from your iPhone to other's iPad easily. If you want to transfer the pictures from iPhone to computer, you can get this tool to achieve it.
Phone Transfer – photo transfer for mobile devices

You can easily transfer not only photos, but also various formats of multimedia file between iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod. Follow the step-by-step guide below and learn how to copy photos from iPhone to iPad.

Step 1 Install and run the photo transfer tool
Download this photo transfer software above and install it on your computer. The primary window like the sample below will pop up as soon as you run it. Click Start at the Phone to Phone Transfer part.
Photo Transfer
Step 2 Connect the iPhone and iPad to the computer
Use the USB cables to connect both the iPhone and iPad to the same computer. The Phone Transfer will detect their models after they're well connected. The information of the devices will be shown on the primary window. Uncheck the box “Clear data before copy” if you don't want to remove all photos on the iPad while transferring photos from your iPhone.
iPhone to iPad Photo Transfer
Note: Make sure that the Source device and the Destination one are at the right place. If they are reversed, click “Flip” to swap their positions.

Step 3 Copy photos from iPhone to iPad
Uncheck the boxes of content to copy except “Photo” since you just want to transfer photos between the devices. Then click “Start Copy”. The process of transferring should be done in minutes. When it's done, click “OK”.
Transfer Pictures from iPhone to iPad
Note: Phone Transfer enables you to transmit not only pictures, but also other files with only one click!

Tutorial 2: Copy iPhone Photos to iPad with iOS Transfer

iOS Transfer is another option to help you easily sync photos between iOS devices. It makes the transfer more specific, which means you may look over single picture on your mobile device with this software. Of course, you can also remove an entire image file, which depends on your needs. Next, it is the tutorial for you.

iOS Transfer – makes photos transfer between iPhone and iPad easier

iOS Transfer is a professional transfer tool for Apple users by offering better management for files including not only pictures, but also music, videos and even contacts.

Step 1 Install iOS Transfer and connect both iDevices
Install the software to your PC and turn it on to enter the main window. Connect your iPhone and iPad to your computer. Waiting for few seconds, they will be detected by the program by putting on the left side.
Connect Devices
Step 2 Transfer iPhone images to iPad
Sync entire folder
Click the “Photos” icon under your iPhone and all your folders will be displayed. Let me take the “Camera Roll” as an example. Right-click the “Camera Roll” icon, and then select “Export to” to send it to your iPad.
Transfer Picture Folder from iPhone to iPad
Copy single picture
Select the folder in which there is the photo you want to sync and you can see all pictures in the folder. You are allowed to preview the full picture by double-clicking it. Once the picture is picked, just right-click it and choose “Export to” to have it copied to your iPad.
Transfer Single Photo from iPhone to iPad
Note: iOS Transfer allows you to sync pictures among more than two devices.

Following tutorials above, it can be so easy to transfer iPhone images to iPad. Not only pictures, they also help transmit other information between two mobile devices. Phone Transfer is suitable for different phones with different systems, while iOS Transfer is the professional manager for iOS. You can make your own choice based on your need.
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