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How to Transfer Pictures from Android to iPhone 5s with Ease

Athryn Mitchell

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You got a Galaxy S3 last year. You got a brand new iPhone 5s this year. Enjoying the convenience brought by the development of technology. A better mobile phone gives you more desire to shoot a lot, much more than ever. Here comes the problem: How can I transfer my most precious memory from Android to my new iPhone. Of course, the most direct way is transferring via iTunes. It sounds quite directly, but it goes complicated. You need to copy all the photos to your computer, then sync to your iPhone with iTunes. Is there any easier or simpler way to finish such a hard work? Have you ever tried Phone Transfer? That may help you transfer the pictures from Android to iPhone with ease.

Phone Transfer is the application designed for the users who intend copying photos from Android to iPhone. It provides another easier method to transfer photos between smartphones based on different platforms. Phone Transfer can easily transfer not only pictures, but also contacts, call logs, SMS, music and video from Android to iPhone, or another Android phone.
Phone Transfer - handy picture transfer designed for you.

With the help of Phone Transfer, you are able to copy your pictures from Android to iPhone easily. It also allows you to transfer other multi-media files in various formats. Read the following guide below may give you more information.

Step 1 Install and launch Phone Transfer on your computer
First, download and install this software. Second, double click the exe file to launch the software. Then tap the Start below the Phone to Phone Transfer.
Phone to Phone Transfer
Note: Please make sure to install iTunes before using this software.

Step 2 Connect both phones to the computer
Connect both of the phones with USB cables to the same computer. After that, the software will detect them automatically. Make sure the "Source" and "Destination" are the right pair you want. If you like to transfer from iPhone to Android, just click the “flip” button. You can also remove all photos on your iPhone by checking “Clear data before copy” box.
Android to iPhone Photos
Step 3 Transfer pictures from Android to iPhone
Before everything is ready to be done, you need to uncheck the boxes except “photos”. After that, just click the “Start Copy”. While it's transferring, you may check the photos. When it's done, click OK.
Transferring Android Photos to iPhone
As you can see, that’s such a simple way to transfer photos. Even those have little experience on photo transferring could easily handle how to achieve this task. Just put aside the complicated methods, try this user-friendly software. You can also transfer your contacts, call log, SMS, music and videos if you want. All you need to do is checking those boxes you want to copy before transferring. It would be a piece of cake.

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