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How to Transfer Pictures from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy

Athryn Mitchell

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Due to the great photograph function, iPhone is beyond a communication tool for many people, say it can be regarded as a camera which reserves precious memory for users. Well, some of them are willing to share these with others, which brings forth such a problem that what if people want to transfer pictures from iPhone to Samsung. Of course it works to upload photos to iCloud Photo Library first and then import them to Samsung by logging in to icloud.com. But it's afraid that it takes a lot of time. Indeed, there is a wonderful tool for you to solve this problem in efficiency – Phone Transfer which is quite useful especially when it needs to switch large amount of images.

Being a specialized phone data transfer tool, Phone Transfer is praised for offering great user experience in photo transmission between mobile phones. Images can be transferred by the program including photos taken with phone camera, Internet pics, screenshot and so on. Besides, supporting various formats of images including JPG, PNG, GIF etc., Phone Transfer is also compatible with the latest iPhone model (iPhone 6s/6s Plus) as well as that of Samsung Galaxy (Galaxy S7/S6/S6 edge/A9).
Phone Transfer - send iPhone pics to Galaxy with one clcik

With only three simple steps, Phone Transfer serves your needs to help you transfer iPhone photos to Samsung Galaxy quickly and comprehensively.

Step 1 Install Phone Transfer
Set up the software onto your computer by clicking the "Free Download" icon above. After installing it correctly, open it and tap on "Phone to Phone Transfer" to move to the next step.
Primary Window
Note: To make sure the transfer goes smoothly, you should install iTunes 12 first.

Step 2 Connect both phones to computer
Plug both iPhone and Samsung into your computer with USB cables and they will be detected by the program by presenting as "Source" and "Destination". If you want to exchange the position of the two devices, click the "Flip" button right above.
Connect both Phones to Computer
Step 3 Transfer pictures to Galaxy
Check the "Photos" button in the middle column and then click "Start Copy" to begin the transfer. Wait for a moment (which depends on the amount of your pictures) and it is done by tapping on "OK".
Transfer iPhone Photos to Android
With the assistance of Phone Transfer, you can transfer pictures from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy with no efforts. What's more, the software is so considerate to arrange the transferred pictures on the Samsung to the correspondent folders as those on the iPhone. Isn't it amazing? Just download it and have a try!

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