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How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Nokia

Athryn Mitchell

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Last night when I was using my Samsung Galaxy, my smartphone suddenly did not work anymore and I didn’t know what actually happened. I tried to shut down and then reboot my phone, but it still pissed me off, so I decided to use my old Nokia for a short time. However, before I send my Samsung for fixing, I want to copy all my contacts to my old phone. Therefore, can anyone tell me what I should do?

Sometimes you might be in the same situation with the user above. No matter what drives you to reluctantly use your old cellphone, the first thing that will emerge in your mind is how to transfer all the data from your older phone to a newer one. And it would be my pleasure to help you clear up your doubt by recommending Phone Transfer to you.

With the help of Phone Transfer, you can swiftly export contacts, SMS, videos, photos and audios from your Android device to Nokia. Of course, you can also do it in reverse. What’more, this desktop app is compatible with most brand phones running iOS, Android and Symbian operating systems. Try it right now!

Phone Transfer – import and export content between iOS, Android and Symbian

This article will show you the tutorial to move files from Android to Nokia. Don’t worry for any newbies can catch up with the steps with ease.

Step 1 Launch Phone Transfer
After installing and performing the program, the primary window will show up to you. Click the blue “Phone to Phone Transfer” button.
Primary Window

Step 2 Connect phones to PC and transfer contacts
In this step, you should firstly plug both of your devices into your computer. After your phones are automatically recognized, please confirm that your Android is the Source and Nokia, the Destination.( You can change the position by clicking “Flip”.) Check “contacts” and then “Start Copy” to begin the transfer process. If you want to move other files, you can also select them. Finally, when the progress bar finishes, tap “OK”.
Note: While exporting the data, make sure your phone will not run out of battery.
Contacts from Android to Nokia Transfer Process
Although you have sent your Android for repair, I’m pretty sure that you can still use all the data in your temporarily used cellphone now. Since you might see the value of Phone Transfer, share it with your friends who may need it. By the way, in order to prevent data loss, you can often back up files from Android to computer.

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