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How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Samsung

Athryn Mitchell

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Supposing you decide to transfer music between iPhone, it seems like a piece of cake. However, if you desire music moving from iPhone to Samsung, that sounds daunting. Especially when a flagship model like Galaxy Note 4 is first unveiled, you may hear people asking the same question all the time, "So how can I copy songs from iPhone to Samsung?" If you have informed them to read this article, you no longer need to hear their blah blah blah, for TunesGo is exactly what they need.

You can transfer music from iPhone to Samsung by using this third party software - TunesGo. In addition, you can also export movies and playlists between Android, iOS, iTunes and computer. You just need 2 steps to transfer the music. What's more, drag and drop is supported by this outstanding software.
TunesGo – swiftly copy music between iPhone and Samsung

If you have no idea what to do, please download our product and follow the straightforward steps in the tutorial below.

Step 1 Install and launch TunesGo on PC
After the simple process of installing TunesGo, you will see the interface as below. Connect your iPhone and Samsung to computer through USB cables.
Primary Window
Note: Other phone brand like HTC, Sony, LG, Motorola, and so on, can all be supported by TunesGo.

Step 2 Copy music from iPhone to Samsung
Your iPhone and Samsung will be displayed on the interface once it is detected by TunesGo. Tap "Music" on iPhone and all will be listed. Tick all the songs you want and click "Export" to "Export to Samsung".
Music from iPhone to Samsung
Note: HTC, LG, Sony, and more Android devices are supported as long as it runs OS from Android 2.1 to Android 6.0.

No endlessly repeating blah blah blah from people around now. TunesGo is really terrific, isn't it? And next time when there's a new phone released, I believe that you will not be afraid of the same question your friends will keep asking you any more.

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