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How to Transfer Photos from Android to Android

Athryn Mitchell

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It is not difficult for users to transfer photos from Android to Android, for example, use Bluetooth or you may have your pics on one device copied to PC first and then sent them to another. Both methods above are easy to use, but they take lots of time for some people. Now, let me introduce you simple and fast approaches to have your Android images transmitted.

Tutorial 1: Sync Pictures between Android Phones with Phone Transfer
Tutorial 2: Sent Android Images to Another via Android Beams

Tutorial 1: Sync Pictures between Android Phones with Phone Transfer

Phone Transfer is a wonderful data transferring tool to have your files copied from a phone to one another. With this program, all your photos on mobile phone can be synced to another very soon. The software supports various formats of pictures, such as JPEG, GIF and so on. In addition, as a constantly updated program, it also supports the lastest models of Android phone, including Samsung Galaxy S7/S6/S6 edge/A9, Sony Xperia Z3, HTC ONE M9 etc.
Phone Transfer - transfer pictures between Android phones

By using Phone Transfer, not only your photos, but also other vital information such as music, videos and even text messages, call logs can be easily sent between Android phones.

Step 1 Install Phone Transfer and launch it
Download the program by clicking the "Free Download" button and install it to your computer. After launching it, click the "Phone to Phone Transfer" button to move to the next step.
Phone Transfer Primary Window
Step 2 Connect two Android phones and transfer photos
Plug two mobile devices into the same computer via USB cables. Waiting for few seconds, they will be detected by the program automatically by displaying the "Source" and "Destination" box respectively. If you want to exchange their positions, just click the "Flip" button. Click the "Photos" icon in the "Select content to copy" box and then tap the "Start Copy" button right below it. And everything is done.
Transfer Photos from Android to Android
Note: With Phone Transfer, all kinds of transfer between Android devices can be easily done in one click.

Tutorial 2: Sent Android Images to Another via Android Beams

Actually, your Android phone may offer a native function to help you share pictures with others – Android Beams, allowing data to be transferred via NFC. If there were no computers, it may be a good idea to get your photos synced with this built-in Android feature. But remember, this function only works between Android devices version 4.1 and above. Next, let me introduce you the steps.

1. Go to the "Settings" and tap the "More…" button under "Wireless & networks" to enable NFC on both mobiles.
2. Open the Gallery and then select the photos you want to transfer.
3. Make sure both devices on and unlocked and then hold them back to back.
4. After hearing a sound when the NFC connect, you will see "Touch to beam" on your screen. Touch the item and the image will be transferred to another phone.
Note: Indeed, the transfer happens over Bluetooth, which means file transfers isn't super-fast, therefore, it is suitable for transferring few images.

Either approach above is practical to transfer pictures from Android phone to another. Phone Transfer makes the transfer comprehensive and fast, while Android beams is appropriate when there is no computer and you have to send few pictures. So you can use them depends on your situation.

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