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How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Android

Athryn Mitchell

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As is known, most iPhones are equipped with tiny screens except for iPhone 6 Plus, which brings bad user experience on watching videos. Hence, many users would like send iPhone videos to Android phones with larger screens such as Galaxy S7/S7 edge/S6/S6 edge, Sony Z4, HTC One M9/M10, etc. for better enjoying. But it's a pity that few people know how to transfer videos from iPhone to Android. Well, Phone Transfer is for you to deal with this problem.

Catering for needs to migrate data between iPhone to Android, Phone Transfer hits the market. Certainly, it is helpful to remove iPhone movies to Android. In terms of formats of videos, it supports most of them, including MP4, 3GP, AVI, WMV, FLV, RMVB, M4V, MOV. While from the perspective of brands of mobile devices, it is compatible with the hottest modes of the both kind of phones. Follow this guide and you will learn how to send iPhone videos to Android.

Phone Transfer – copy iPhone movies to Android

Breaking the barrier between iOS and Android, Phone Transfer makes the cross-platform videos transmission successful in one click and few seconds.

Step 1 Download and install Phone Transfer
Get the software by clicking the download button above. Set up it correctly to your computer and launch it. Choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" to move to the next step.
iPhone to Android Transfer
Step 2 Connect both iPhone and Android
Plug both mobiles devices into the same computer using USB cables. Waiting for moments, they will be detected by the program and turn up on the primary window as "Source" and "Destination".
Switch from iPhone to Android
Step 3 Transfer videos between phones
After data scanning, click the "Videos" icon in the middle column. With the click of "Start Copy", you can sync iPhone videos to Android.
Copy Videos from iPhone to Android
AS a mighty tool, Phone Transfer helps you migratie videos from iPhone to Android phone like Samsung, Sony, HTC, and Nexus without causing any information missing. Requiring only one click, the software does all for you!

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