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Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Old BlackBerry to New BlackBerry 10

Athryn Mitchell

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Every BlackBerry users face the same problem when updating their old BlackBerry phones. When changing a phone, they need to transfer their data from one device to the other, for example, transfer WhatsApp messages from old BlackBerry to new BlackBerry 10. I will step by step explain it in the how-to-do guide.

Part 1: Back up WhatsApp Messages on BlackBerry
Part 2: Move Backup File from BlackBerry to Another
Part 3: Restore Backup on BlackBerry

Part 1. Back up WhatsApp Messages on BlackBerry

Step 1. Launch WhatsApp on your BlackBerry.
Step 2. Go to "Settings".
Step 3. Select "Media Settings".
Step 4. Press on "Backup conversation".
Note that voice messages are automatically downloaded.
Back Up WhatsApp on BlackBerry

Part 2. Move Backup File from BlackBerry to Another

Step 1. Copy the backup file to your computer using the USB cable.
Generally, your WhatsApp backup are stored in the Whatsapp/Databases folder. The file is usually saved as msgstore-year-month-day.db.crypt. So if you backed up your WhatsApp chat history today being the 26th of September, 2014, the backup file name will be msgstore-2014-09-26.db.crypt.
Step 2. Download and install WhatsApp manager on the new BlackBerry 10 but do not run it yet.
Step 3. Connect that BlackBerry to your PC using USB cable.
Step 4. Navigate to your WhatsApp/Database folder on Android smart phone. Paste the backup into this folder.
Back Up in Database Folder

Part 3. Restore Backup on BlackBerry

Step 1. Run WhatsApp on the new BlackBerry.
Step 2. Register WhatsApp with your phone number and the verification code you receive.
Step 3. When getting the notification that backup was found on your device, tap the "Restore" button.
Restore Backup on BlackBerry
Got it? I will be very happy to help you in any way I could. Remember to share with your friends.
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