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Sync WhatsApp Videos & Audio with Samsung Galaxy/Note/Alpha

Athryn Mitchell

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Cloud-based note-taking apps, cloud-storage apps or the online-chat apps like WhatsApp are must-have apps for some Android users. If you've checked the app info on your Android app manager, you will notice that the total app size will be much larger than the APK file. And it will keep growing as time pass by. That's because while you use WhatsApp, Instagram and more app, the app data like videos, audios and photos will be generated.
App data on Samsung Phone
These app data might mean a lot to us, so "How to sync WhatsApp videos and audio between Samsung phones?" will be an upmost issue most Android users might care about. There's no need to worry about syncing WhatsApp videos, audios and more app data between Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note and Samsung Alpha series. What you need is Phone Transfer, the useful software to transfer app data from Android to Android.

Phone Transfer specializes in transferring WhatsApp attachments from Android to Android. With it, you can sync WhatsApp photos, audios and videos between Android phones with merely three steps. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+/S6 Edge/S5/S4, Galaxy Note 5/Edge/4, Galaxy Alpha series (A8/A7/A5/A3) and more Android phones running Android 2.3 to Android 6.0 are all supported. Phone Transfer is updated frequently so there's no wonder that the coming devices like Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge+, Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy A9 will be supported before long.
Phone Transfer - transfer WhatsApp videos/audios/photos between Android

If you are going to switch to a new Android phone, Phone Transfer is the one you need. You can sync WhatsApp attachments from one Android to another.

Step 1 Download Phone Transfer on PC
Download and install Phone Transfer on your computer and you will see the interface as below. Choose the blue section "Phone to Phone Transfer" on the left and move on.
Transfer WhatsApp Videos Audios from Samsung to Samsung
Note: Phone Transfer is updated frequently so that it would support the latest Android phones like Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, Galaxy A9, Note 5/Note 4 and more soon after the release.

Step 2 Connect Two Samsung Phones to PC
In this step, you will be asked to connect both your Android smartphones to the computer via USB cables. Then, when the phones are connected, you will see the screenshot below. Be sure that the phones that you want to transfer files from is displayed on the left and the destination one is on the right. Click "Flip" to change if they are on the wrong place.
Transfer WhatsApp Videos Audios between Samsung
Step 3 Transfer WhatsApp Attachments from One Android to Another
As you can see in the middle of the interface, there're supported data types listed. You can choose "App Data (Root)" by ticking the box next to it and hit on the blue "Start Transfer" button to start the syncing.
Copy WhatsApp Videos Audio from Samsung to Samsung
Note: If you haven't rooted your Android phone, Phone Transfer will ask to temporarily root your Samsung smartphone and after the syncing process, it will remove it.

That's all you need to do to sync WhatsApp videos, audios and photos between Samsung with the help of Phone Transfer. Of course, Phone Transfer is much more excellent. You can even transfer other data types as shown in the interface. If you need the tutorials to transfer contacts, calendar, photos and videos between Android phones, please check the related articles below.

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