phone to phone transfer

Phone Transfer

1-Click Phone to Phone Content Transfer!

• Contacts, text messages, call logs, apps, photos, music, videos and more.
• All-round shift, copy also job title, company name, email address, billing address, playlist etc.
• Support 2000+ models of phones include Android, iOS, WinPhone and Symbian.

• Free transfer regardless of different network providers: Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T etc.

Supports app data transfer from Android to Android and the app incliding Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc.

• Totally risk-free and 100% safe. Copy the original file and no damage.

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iphone transfer

iOS Transfer

Professional iPhone/iPad/iPod File Manager to Transfer iPhone, iPod & iPad to iTunes & Computer

• Transfer songs, videos, playlists, iTunes U, Podcasts to & from Your PC/iTunes.
• Copy photos & albums to/from Your PC & iDevice.
• Load your iDevice with music and video incompatible with iTunes.
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android transfer

Android Transfer

Manage Everything on Android from Your PC

Android Transfer is a right hand for anyone who spends on phones all day long. No matter who you are, a Android fans, a music loves, a app junky or a hyper- texter.
• Android Fans: Backup everything to PC with 1 click & retain great quality.
• Music Lovers: Instantly add fun stuff and enjoy media anytime and anywhere.
• App Junkies: Download, install, uninstall and export apps quickly and easily, move apps to SD.
• Social Networkers & Hyper-texters: Transfer contacts from/to Outlook and send & reply SMS seamlessly from your PC.
• USB Cable not at hand: Manage your Android phone with or without a USB cable.
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Excellent iTunes Companion for iPhone/iPad, Android and iTunes

• Transfer Music between iOS devices and iTunes
• Transfer Songs between iTunes and Android Portable Phone and Tablet
• Download Music from Youtube to iTunes
• Fix Music Tags Automatically
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