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How to Activate Timer Mode on iPhone Camera

Athryn Mitchell

Mobile phone analyst, Editor-in-Chief of TransPhone. Find more on her Fackbook or Google+.

Today, we will show you how to activate timer mode on iPhone camera to take selfie with ease. Just follow the below simple steps, please. Only iPhone users who use iOS 8 and the later ones support timer mode.

Step 1. Turn on your "Camera" app
First of all, please turn on the "Camera" app on your iPhone 6. Then, as you can see, there're several options on the top. They are flash light settings, brightness, timer mode and camera shift in turn. What we need to choose is the third option, timer mode.
Choose Timer Mode on Your iPhone 6
Step 2. Activate timer mode on iPhone
Tap on the third option, timer mode and then you will see three choices: "Off", "3s" and "10s" as the below screenshots shows. Take "3s" for example.
Set Up Timer on Your iPhone
Step 3. Take a picture for testing
After choosing "3s" in timer mode, tap the capture button at the bottom and it will start counting down for you. After 3 seconds of counting down, 10 photos will be captured and you can choose your favorite one to save.
iPhone Count Down and Take Photos
Note: If you want to take selfies with your friend using the timer mode, you just need to shift the camera from the rear one to the front one and choose 3s or 10s. I think a 10s will be much sufficient for you to make a more beautiful pose before it captures.

Activating timer mode on your iPhone is that simple, you can try it on your own. Besides, your consulting on other iPhone, iPad, Android tips and tricks will be always welcomed. It's our pleasure to try our best to help you solve your problems on smartphone issues.
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