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[Solved] Can't Find Photos Taken by Android

Athryn Mitchell

Mobile phone analyst, Editor-in-Chief of TransPhone. Find more on her Fackbook or Google+.

Could not find the photos in your phone that you have taken during the vocation? That must be despairing especially when you have deleted some of the old pictures and thought the problem was just that the SD card got full. Many of you, I believe, show no interest in "why" but "how". So, let's just get straight to the point.

Here are two ways I will introduce to you for this. The first one works with you integrated file manager and the second one with RE—Root Explorer, which is widely used by many "root users".

Note: In each way, we will show you how to search the files in both internal storage and SD card.

Part 1: Find Your Photos by Integrated File Manager
Part 2: Search Your Pictures through RE

Part 1: Find Your Photos by Integrated File Manager

Step 1.Open File Manager
Find your application and click it.
Open File Manager
Step 2. Enter DCIM
Turn to the "Local" label and you will see this interface. Click "Internal" and then "DCIM". Now, you can see the picture stored in the phone.
Enter DCIM
Step 3. Enter DCIM in SD Card
Go back to the start and choose "SD card". Search for "DCIM" and click it.
Enter DCIM in SD Card
Step 4. Enter Camera
As you can see, there are 526 files in the folder. Tab Camera > Menu Button > Sort by. Tick "Date" and "OK", so that you know which photos are taken in your vocation.
Enter Camera

Part 2: Search Your Pictures through RE

Step 1.Install RE and Launch It
After you have installed the application, open it on the home screen.
Install Root Explorer
Step 2. Go to Storage
The interface is like this. Now we are in Root. Find "storage" and enter it.
Go to Storage
Step 3. Go to DCIM in Sdcard0
Then you will have two choices. Let's start with sdcard0. Click it and then "DCIM". By the way, sdcard0 means your internal storage.
Go to DCIM in Sdcard0
Step 4.Show Hidden Files
If you can only see a few files, it is probably because some of them are hidden. To solve this, you need to hit the menu button and tick "Show hidden files".
Show Hidden Files
After this, you should also try "DCIM" in "sdcard1". Go to Storage > sdcard1 > DCIM. It is somewhat similar to the steps above. I am sure you will get it.
Have you find your photos now? In some cases, SD cards of poor quality could cause it. Check it if you still cannot get the files back.

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