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Android 6.0: New Feature of App Permissions

Athryn Mitchell

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We all know that when we are trying to install a new app on our Android phone, we will be informed that this app is asking for some app permissions. Some require for body sensors, some require calendar, camera, contacts, location or microphone. In the previous version of Android OS, you have to root your Android before you decline the permission. However, in Android 6.0, you can customize the app permission as you wish without rooting your Android phone/tablet. Now, let's see what's new on the app permission features of Android 6.0.

Configure Apps According to Permissions
Configure Apps According to Apps

Part 1: Configure Apps According to Permissions

First of all, to enter the app configuration interface, go to "Settings" > "Apps" > tap on the configure icon on the upper-right corner. Lastly, choose "App permissions".
Configure Apps According to Permission
Now, as you can see, all the app permissions including calendar, camera, contacts and more are listed in the interface. Take calendar permission for example, I choose "Calendar" and all the apps that asked for the calendar permissions will be shown in the next interface. You can see there are toggles next to the apps. You just need to turn on/off the toggle next to the app to allow/not allow the apps from reading or adding data to your calendar.   
Calendar Permission

Part 2: Configure Apps According to Apps

You can also tap on the app, Chrome for example, to see what permissions does this app require and you can turn off those you don't think is necessary.
Configure Apps According to Apps
It's very helpful, isn't it? This is the most remarkable new features on Android 6.0, which has protect some private data such as contacts, location, and SMS from leaking. This outstanding update has attracted lots of attentions from the Android users and somewhat persuaded them to upgrade to the latest operating system.

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