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How to Take Photos with Android in Out-of-memory Error

Athryn Mitchell

Mobile phone analyst, Editor-in-Chief of TransPhone. Find more on her Fackbook or Google+.

Samsung Galaxy S6, in my opinion, is not only a smartphone but a top-notch mobile camera. If you are a fever of photography with an Android, you can snap and capture the beautiful sights of your daily life, a party, a trip, etc. However, the note saying "out-of-memory error" may spoil your pleasure when the storage of the device is full. How can you take photos with Android when it is in out-of-memory error? Before that, follow our guide to free up your Android phone.

Part 1: Delete Data in Android
Part 2: Clear Thumbnails in Android

Part 1: Delete Data in Android

Step 1. Check Android Storage
Go to "Settings". Scroll down and find out "Storage". Then you can see the situation of the device memory, including total space capacity, system memory, used space, cached data, miscellaneous files, and available space. In addition, storage of SD card can also be checked, containing total space, available space, unmount SD card, and format SD card for example.
Check Android Storage
Step 2. Delete Files from Android
If too much storage space is currently used, selectively delete the files that are useless, for example, cache images, spam text messages, old songs, movies, etc. This will help you clear up your phone and solve the problem that "Android phone is in out-of-memory error".

Part 2: Clear Thumbnails in Android

Step 1. Go to DCIM
Follow the path: My Files/Documents > Device Storage > DCIM > .thumbnails.
Go to DCIM
Step 2. Delete Files in ".thumbnails"
Long tap on ".thumbnails" and select it. Click the menu button (three dots at the upper right corner). Hit "Details" among the options. Then you can get some detailed info, including size, and contains. If the size is too large, select files in the ".thumbnails" folder and click "Delete" to clear them.
Delete Files in
That's all. In addition, you can delete files and clear up your Android phone with one click using Android Transfer.

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