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How to Backup and Restore SMS on Android

Athryn Mitchell

Mobile phone analyst, Editor-in-Chief of TransPhone. Find more on her Fackbook or Google+.

Young people prefer to communicate by texting each other, and thus has their cherished memory stored in phones. Some of them like to back up their SMS in computers or mobile phones, knowing one day they would look back at their past. Another point to do such a backup is that lost texts could be found in this way--restoring the messages. So, how? How to do this on an Android phone, for example, a Galaxy S6? It is nothing to worry about. There are various ways showing on the internet. The only question is which one to choose.

Here, I would like to introduce to you my favorite. To start the process, we need this application, SMS Backup and Restore first, which helps you to bakcup SMS on a timetable automatically or manually. You can also preview the content and decide which one to be restored. Now, let's get started.

Step 1. Backup Messages on Galaxy S6
Open the program and you will see this interface, which has only seven buttons on it. To do a backup file, hit the first button "Backup", as you can see.

And the next move would be entering a name that you can easily remember for this file.Click "OK" on the left side in the "SMS Backup & Restore" box. Then the application will store your texts in .xml format.

At the end of the process, the total number will be listed in the box. Tab the "Close"button to finish step 1.(Step 2 is for the restoration of the backed-up SMS.)
Backup Message on Galaxy S6
Step 2. Restore SMS on An Android Phone
Here are two methods to do this.Choose the one that you prefer.

Method One: Hit the button "Restore" at the second place and the file we have just store in Step 1 will be listed.Tick it and use "Browse" at the bottom right to see the contents before starting restoring messages.(Note: The "Browse" button can only be use when there is a file managing app like ES File Explorer in your phone.) Then, select the way you do it--"Restore All Messages" or "Only Restore Messages Sent/Received Sine:(The time you choose)". Click "OK".

Next, a pop-up will ask you if you want to check for duplicates during Restore. This is for you to decide because it may take a long time, especially when you have lots of messages.

When all is done, the number will be shown. Click "Close".
Restore Message on Galaxy S6

Method Two:
Note: Method One is suitable for users who have lots of texts. And Method two is used when you need to retrieve a specific conversation.

Click the "View"button at the third place, choose a backup file and hit "OK". (In this case, we can tick the one in the first step.) See this? All the information in the XML file.

Find the one you want and press it long enough until a "Conversation Options" box pops up. Click "Restore this Conversation".
Restore Certain Conversation
Besides backing up and restoring SMS on Android phones , SMS Backup and Restore also allows you to send new messages, dial numbers, remove conversations and transfer backup files with Google Drive, Email, Gmail or Bluetooth. And if you have some ways even better, share them with us.

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