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How to Backup WhatsApp Chat History to Google Drive

Athryn Mitchell

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If you are an Android user who uses WhatsApp a lot, you will find that WhatsApp has updated their version frequently in recent months. In the updated version, they add many good features: the WhatsApp web, the saga of the voice calling feature and now the Google Drive backup on version 2.12.45.

Before we show you how to backup Android WhatsApp chat history to Google Drive, you'd better have a knowledge on what you need to use Goolge Drive backup at the beginning.

What you need to use Google Drive backup are:
1. A Google account associated with your Android.
2. Google Play service installed.
3. Enough space on Google Drive for WhatsApp chats and attachments.
4. Enough space on your Android for the backup file.

Now I will show you how to backup Android WhatsApp chat history to Google Drive:
1. Download WhatsApp on your Android.
2. Install it and replace the existing one.
3. Go to "Settings" > "Chat and calls" > "Chat backup" >"Backup to Google Drive" and then you will get several choices: Daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
Back up WhatsApp Chat Messages with Google Drive
4. Then, it will ask to access to your Google account. Just click "OK" to permit it.

Note: To restore the WhatsApp chat history from Google Drive, you just need to log in with the Google account you used to back up your WhatsApp chat. And the WhatsApp messages together with the photos, videos attachments will also be restored.

That's it. As you can see, to back up WhatsApp chat history to Google Drive is not that complex as you think it would be. WhatsApp chat attachments such as photos, videos, voice messages and chats will also be backed up during the process. If you have any other issue about WhatsApp, for example, backing up and restoring WhatsApp chat history for Android, you can check out them in our Android WhatsApp manager list.

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