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How to Block Text Messages on Android

Athryn Mitchell

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I am sure that you are now putting up with the spam SMS, some even wake you up when you are dreaming a sweet dream at night. If you check it every time the text messages rings, it might be a waste of time; but if you don't, it's very likely that you miss some important text messages. What to do to block these annoying text messages on your Android? Just follow the tutorials below:

Tutorial 1: Block Messages with Android Messages App
Tutorial 2: Block Messages by Contacting Phone Carrier
Tutorial 3: Block Messages with Third-Party Software

Tutorial 1: Block Messages with Android Messages App

The first tutorial, what I'd love to share with you is to use the Android Messages app to block the messages.

Step 1. Open your Messages App
Open your Messages app and tap on the "" on the higher-right corner. And there will be a pop-up window showing you several options. Choose "Settings" and in the next interface, you can find "Blocked caller list" as the below interface shows.
Block Annoying Messages on Android
Step 2. Add Blocked Number on Android
Then, you've entered the blocker caller list. You can tap on the green "+" button on the lower-right corner. As you can see in the second interface, a popup will allow you to browse your contact list to add block phone number. After that, you can also choose to block the incoming call or incoming messages with ease by ticking the box next to the choice. After the selection, you can click "OK" to add the phone number you chose to the blocked list.
Add Phone Number to Block List on Android

Tutorial 2: Block Messages by Contacting Phone Carrier

If blocking messages with your Messages app doesn't work in your case, you have to turn to your phone carrier.

You can go to the official site of your phone carrier and find the page where you block numbers. If you can't find the page, you can directly call the help center and ask them to help you add phone numbers to the blocked list. However, they might charge you for this service.

Tutorial 3: Block Messages with Third-Party Software

Of course, if you want a handy and simpler way, you can also find some third-party software to help you block messages with ease. There're handful messages block apps on Google Play. You just need to type in the keywords "block messages" and I am sure that the search result won't let you down.

No matter in which way you blocked the messages, you can now enjoy your sweet dream now. For more tips and tricks on managing messages for Android phone, please feel free to contact us. We will spare no effort to help you out.

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